21: Fear

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*pls read the authors note at the end of chap*

Soyun pov

It was late night but i couldn't sleep just like other days. 1st of all thoughts and 2nd, my cramps. I went to the living room quietly and searched something that can hit up my tummy. I fell good when place something warm there like hot packs. But couldn't find something. I popped on the couch and clutched my stomach.

This is worst timing ever. Every time i have cramps, mom or minhyuk oppa was there to take care of me. But none of them are here now. Tears dropped from my eyes for the pain and thinking of those time. I eventually fell asleep on the couch.

3rd person pov

Suga was passing through the living room when he noticed a figure on the couch. He quietly went there and saw soyun clutching her stomach and sleeping with some dried tears. His heart melted seeing the girl in front of him.

He made some hot pack and kept it on her tummy. He was relieved that she didn't wake up. But she was mumbling something which was inaudible to him. He shrugged it off and wanted to carry her to her room. But stopped when he thought what would she think when wake up. Thinking that, he left her there covering with a blanket.

Next morning

Soyun woke up and looked around her confusingly. She saw she was covered with blanket and there was a hot pack on her stomach. Her jaw dropped thinking it might be one of her stepbrothers. She hurriedly went to her room and facepalmed herself.
Why am i so stupid?

With that, she went in the bathroom to take a refreshing shower. She wore a simple blue skirt till her knees and a plain white tshirt with black cardigan. She went downstairs and saw everyone already present there. She quietly went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

She made pancakes for all of them and started serving. She was pleased with her cooking skills. A smile formed in her lips seeing them eating with pleasure.
Hey yun-ah! Come have breakfast with us.
Jin was calling her cheerfully for which he got a glare from each member.

No oppa I'm fine. I'll just take an apple.
She said feeling afraid of those deadly glares. She was turning around to go to the kitchen when suga spoke.
Where do u think u r going wearing that?
Everyone looked at her checking what's wrong.

What's wrong with it?
Soyun spoke nervously. She was scared of every one except jin. Though she knew suga somewhat cared for her, she was not sure for his or everyone's cold behaviour.
U can't go to school wearing this.
Suga said emotionless and stuffing his mouth with the delicious pancakes.

Soyun mumbled almost inaudible for others but suga heard it.
Soyun flinched hearing his sudden outburst. But decided not to argue more as he already lost his temper. She just nodded and went to her room.

Soyun pov

I went to the room and stomped my foot angrily.
What's wrong with that guy? He's behaving like a protective brother! 'U can't go wearing this'
I imitated him and went in the bathroom to change. I changed into some jeans and black shirt and went out of my room.

I went downstairs but found no one there. Probably went out already...but this early? I sighed and went to the kitchen to grab an apple for my lunch. I stepped out of the house but suddenly, my mind reminded of sehun. I freaked out inside but plugged in my headphones and blasted some music to calm my nerves down.

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