26: The Unexpected Meet

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3rd person pov

As soon as soyun saw sehun she gulped hard. She started sweating and clutched the hem of suga's shirt drawing his attention towards her. He looked at her confusingly but she was breathing heavily as all the past incidents hit her.

By this time, sehun came to their table and sat on the empty chair beside jungkook. He leaned back on the chair cros-legged. All the bts member were flaming in anger see it his attitude and soyun was still looking down.

I see....how have u been guys?
Sehun said with a smug smirk looking at soyun.
How does that concern u?
Jimin asked him and he looked at jimin. He kept his two hands on the table and kept his face on his palms. He shrugged and continued
That doesn't concern me anyway. This was a coincidence that u also have the pretty girl i have been looking for. Let's then go for a deal regarding her what do u say?

What do u think u r talking about?
Jhope said banging his fist on the table.
Calm down bro. I am talking about-
He pointed towards soyun making her look at him wide eyes and she hold suga's hand tightly. Suga immediately understood something is wrong. He was going to say something when again sehun spoke
Look i know we are enemies but we can again be friends by her. Hand over her to me for 2 nights-

He wasn't able to finish his sentence when he landed on the floor because of a hard punch from his one side. Jungkook punched him hard cause him to bleed.
Keep ur dirty eyes of our sister. Don't even dare to lay a hand on her! UNDERSTOOD?
Jungkook growled making soyun startled. Suga just hugged her in a protective manner assured her that its fine.

But soyun was still not convinced by that. She was still holding his hand tightly. Sehun got up and wiped off his blood from his mouth. He gave a evil smirk. Taehyung was going to get up to neat him but soyun stopped him telling him not to go. Taehyung sat back on his seat looking at him with raging eyes.

So she is ur sister huh? But that doesn't change my mind. I WILL get her. Watch it.
He said and went away. Soyun broke down after he went away. The boys were consoling her with sweet words.

Don't worry sis. We won't let him touch u. U will be safe with us.
Namjoon said holding her hand.
Calm down berry. Namjoon hyung is right. We won't let him lay a finger on him.
Taehyung said side hugging her.

While suga rubbed his hand on her back in a circulate motion in order to calm her down. She calmed down a little after 5 minutes then tried to smile.
Oppa. I believe on u. I feel safe on ur arms. But please don't leave me ever. And please lets remain like this forever.
All the members smiled hearing her words. The nodded and went back to their seats.

But soyun i think u should learn some self defense techniques. That would help u in any case.
Jimin suggested and all the members nodded their head in agreement.
What about u give her some training?
Namjoon said looking at him and jimin said a small ok.

Soyun excused herself to the washroom to refresh herself. She washed her face then looked at her reflection.
I HAVE to be strong. No need to be afraid now. I have my 7 brothers now. And i will learn how to fight and show that sehun guy who i am really.
She gave herself a small self talk then smiled in satisfaction.

She was going out of the rest room when a hand pulled her towards an empty room. She immediately became scared and tried to scream.
I see. Now bts comes out to be ur brother? Huh
It was sehun. She looked at him with angry eyes.
What? Did u got power because of them? U were freaking out a few minutes ago huh?
Sehun said getting closer to her.

But soyun looked at him greeting her teeth then raised her hand to slap him. But he stopped her hand on the mid way.
Now a good girl is becoming disloyal? Well i don't care u belong to bts' sister. The thing only matters is u. Did u perhaps forget about....the video?
He said whispering the last part.

Soyun widened her eyes remembering. Sehun then continued
It wouldn't be a good thing for u and ur so called brothers if u tell them everything!
Sehun threatened her with a smirk and soyun looked at him again scared.
What? Are u afraid now?
Sehun said mocking her.

U asshole!! Why are u doing this to me? Why? First i thought u would be my good friend! I didn't cause u any harm!! Then whyyy??
Soyun screamed but sehun just chuckled and shook his head in disbelief then went away without answering anything. Soyun sighed gripping her hair in frustration.

She went to the table still debating in her mind weather to tell them or not. She was also there when a message came on her phone.
Remember what i said? Don't even think of telling them.
Soyun sighed and sat on her seat. Jin noticed her state and asked being concerned.

Are u ok yunnie?
Soyun nodded her head and formed a smile.
Well now our mood is ruined for that bastard. What could we do?
Jimin said pouting a little.
What about we have a movie tonight?
Jungkook said excitedly.
That's a great idea!! What do u say yunnie??
Jhope asked but soyun got startled as she was drowning in her own worlds

Yea sure. That'll be great!
Soyun said excitedly so that they do not get suspicious of her. Suga noticed the behaviour in her but shrugged it off thinking it might be the incident few minutes ago that bothered her.

But little did they know what was waiting for her for hiding this......

End of chapter 26

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