28: Trainig & Confess

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Don't get any weird ideas. Cuz i know u will. So just fu*king read it😂

Soyun pov

I woke up feeling light headache. Actually we passed the night watching movie and slept for only 1 hour. Alternative I'm used to it, I'm not used passing my whole night watching movie.

I woke up lazily from my bed and went to wash my face. I looked at my messy face and sighed. After i was fresh enough, i went to the living room and to my surprise, i saw everyone present there.

U guys woke up? This early? I thought i have to wake u up like mom does...that could be fun...
I said as i imagined how would it be if i dragged them by ears for waking up from sleep.
Yunniee don't get ur expectations too high...u can't do this as u r our younger...
Jhope said to me but i just rolled my eyes
Yea yea whatever i was just joking

They looked at each other then we all sat on the table to have breakfast. All the maids came back gladly but their past deed really hurt a lot...but i decided to forget all those and live a happy life from now on.

I was eating my food silently when jin oppa spoke
Umm..yunnie...we r thinking of training u...
I choked on my food hearing that. Taehyung oppa passed me a glass of water and i gulped in that.
Are u ok berry?
He said worried. I just nodded and assured him. Then faced jin oppa
What training oppa?

I asked confused.
U are getting trained by jimin. Don't worry. Just some fighting techniques. U remember right?
He said and i nodded understanding it. I smiled and continued eating my breakfast (idk whenever i say breakfast i remember of jungkook's BREAKY😂)

 I smiled and continued eating my breakfast (idk whenever i say breakfast i remember of jungkook's BREAKY😂)

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I changed my clothes and tied my hair for a high ponytail. I went to jimin oppa's room and knocked his door. But he didn't open. I knocked for the second time still no response. I twisted the door knob and started getting inside after yelling from the other side.

I went to his bed but didn't found anyone. I was going to exit when i saw jimin oppa SHIRTLESS! My eyes went wide and i quickly covered my eyes with my hand.
I'm sorry oppa...i didn't mean it.
I didn't heard anything so i slowly removed some of my fingers but i got startled as i saw jimin oppa verryyy close to me and moreover STILL SHIRTLESS.

I started coming towards me and i started going backwards until my leg hit the edge and i fall on the bed. I saw him smirking that made me more anxious and tremble in fear. He hovered over me keeping his both hands on my sides supporting.
O-oppa...what are u doing. Please get away fr-from me
I said as i was in the verge of tears.

He sighed and then got up. I didn't understand his attitude. I quickly got up and wiped away my tears.
I'm sorry soyun-ah for doing this. I was just testing u...
He said while wearing his shirt. I looked at him confused. He sighed looking at my confused state.
Yun-ah....u shouldn't be like this. If u be like this, any guy can rape u. U have to fight back for yourself. But don't worry WE will make u strong.

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