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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

We had arrived an hour ago and Melanie already drunk next to me singing god knows what song.

"C'mon Ellie Rose, It's only for one night. Enjoy this night gurl" Melanie shout with her hands on her hips glaring at me.

"I can't, I've work tomorrow" I rolled my eyes with arm crossed over my chest causing her to let out a annoying huff.

A loud music was playing on the background as people swaying their hips to the music. You know the feeling when someone's watching you? That's what I was feeling at this moment. I felt a pair of eyes burning all over my body. I turned around to see a gorgeous man sitting across the room in the VIP booth. His legs were spread opened as he watched me with his beautiful blue eyes. Man, he was breath- taking. He wore a black shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows showing his muscles and his tattoos painted all over his skin. Hot. Breathtakingly hot. I just couldn't take my eyes off him.From his perfect handsome face to his sharp jawline- everything was just breathtaking. He's the most sexiest man I've ever seen so far. His blue eyes locked with my chocolate one causing a small grin to tugged on his lips.

Holy Moly.

I immediately looked away from him as I felt blush creeped on my cheeks. I took a deep breathe trying hard not to glanced back at him. "Are you okay?" Ciara asked. "Yes I'm okay" I gave her a small smile taking a sip of my tequila. "Fine" she shrugged gulping down her last shot.

"Anways let's get to the dance floor, You've to enjoy your night, Ellie" Ciara said dragging me to the middle of the dance floor. One night won't harm, right? A grinned tugged on my lips when Ciara began to moving her hips at the beat of the music. I close my eyes swaying my hips. After a hard day. It feels so good to finally let out the stress. Everyone's eyes were on us as we danced swaying our hips but we didn't cared. Soon random guys were dancing with us. When I opened my eyes I saw 'him' stalking towards me. Oh my. I looked around but I couldn't see Ciara anywhere. Where's she? Before I could go, his hands found my waist bringing me impossibly closer to him.

"Dance on me, Bella" His Italian accent thick with his smooth words falling off his tongue. He's sexiest deep voice turned me on immediately.

 "Well, i'm not interested honey" I smirked without taking my eyes off his blue one filled with nothing but lust. A sexy devilish Smirk tugged on his lips as he leaned down to my ear. I'm afraid my heart might explode anytime now because how fast it was beating. I bite my lip feeling his cologne.

Damn, This man can bring any woman down to her knees.

"I wasn't asking sweetheart, I'm telling you" he huskily said into my ear and In a swift motion he spun me around so that my ass was now against his hard bludge and his strong tattooed arms wrapped around my waist. I close my eyes slowly grinding against him, moaning softly. I bite down on my lip when I felt his lips on my neck placing hot kisses. I pressed my ass harder into his hard bludge grinding and he let out a sexiest groaned that could make any woman crazily turned on.

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