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E L L I E R O S E ~

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E L L I E R O S E ~

I Slowly opened my eyes to see I'm in a gorgeously decorated bedroom. It's really huge room with large glass window. You can also see the Breathtaking view of paris from here. The beautiful Eiffel Tower. I sat up to see Mason isn't in the room. I don't know how long I've been sleeping.

It's already evening.

I took a deep breathe and that's when the bathroom door got opened revealing Mason. He was shirtless showing his perfect sculpted athletic body and only wearing a boxer at his lower waist also his wet hair made him 10x more hot. I swear, I felt as I'm drooling.

This man is breathtakingly Sculpted by God.

"Are you done staring, kotek?" Mason Smirk at me causing my cheeks to turned pink. God, he caught me staring. I look down blushing as he sat down in front of me. The smallest smirk still playing on his handsome face.

"H-how long was I-I asleep?" I murmured as I felt one of his hand on my thigh. "All the day" he answered, squeezing my thigh. His eyes never left me before he grabbed me by my waist and pull me in his lap straddling him causing my eyes to grow widened. "How are you feeling?" He asked and plant a soft kiss on my lips.

"W-well" I moan feeling his hard bludge underneath me causing him to smirk. I bite down on my bottom lip, tracing my finger tips over his tattoos on the chest. I slowly slide my hand down over his abs and glanced up at Mason to met his darkened one filled with lust and hunger in them. He grabbed my hand and lean in to kiss me.

"Tell me why I need to be inside of you in every fucking minutes of the day, I just can't get enough of you, dziecko" he growled laying me gently down on the bed. I bite down on my lip as he cursed and kissed me Aggressively. I also don't know how to stop the pull I feel whenever I'm around him. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him more closer to me. He pinned my hands above my head as our tongue fight for the dominance and as always, he won. After a few minutes of making out session, I broke the kiss to catch breathe and he trailed hot kisses down to my neck Sucking and biting on my skin. A moan left my lips as he kissed my chest.

That's when the door got opened and A gorgeous, tall girl walk inside but her eyes immediately got widened.

"Woah! I'm so sorry!" She turned around covering her eyes with her hands. Mason jaw clenched as he took a deep breath. He's looking really pissed off now. Mason got off of me and I sat up adjusting my dress with red cheeks. God. It's so embarrassing.

Why it always happened with us?

"What the fuck do you want Amara?" Mason snapped at her as Amara turned around to face us crossing her arms over her chest.

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