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My car came to a stop in front of my ware house. I jumped out off the car and followed Matteo inside. His hands were stuffed inside his pocket and he hadn't noticed me yet, he was about to. Just as he was about to turned around, I shoved him against the near wall hard, pressing my forearm against his neck causing him to groaned. Last night Antonio informed me that Matteo was back and it seemed like he was planning something dangerous once again. 

I swear to god, if Matteo was the one to threat Ellie then I was going to fucking kill him.

"I think you've a death wish Matteo, no?" I asked giving him a mischievous smirk. His eyes were widened, clearly flashing fear in them. "Are you going to be a problem for me? It seems like you don't listen" 

He gulped.

 "Listen to me and understand. Don't think I forgot about that little threat you made to Ellie, wanting to get her alone? to hurt her?" I grits. "I'm going to fucking kill you!"I hissed, shoving him against the wall so hard crumbles of red bricks fell to the ground. He let out a loud groan.

"M-Mason you're getting it wrong-" He managed to get out those words. 

"Oh yeah? If I'm getting it wrong then why the fuck are you here?" I asked, glaring him to the death and pressing my forearm against his neck more harder so that it was getting impossible for him to breathe.

"I-I can't breathe" His face was turning all red and I was getting satisfied with it.

"Y-you're getting it wrong Mason! I can't even think about hurting Ellie" He groaned out, trying to pushed me away. I rolled my eyes before punching him hard on his face. "Look I like Ellie, okay? But I can't even think about hurting her, never"

I felt as my blood boiling inside just after hearing him. I clenched my jaw, trying hard not to shoved the bullets in his fucking head. 

"Fuck it" I hissed before punching him hard on his nose once again causing him to groaned out in pain. His head snapped to side and his legs were giving up.  Blood poured out from both of his nostrils.

"M-Mason please just let me explain everything-" He said, wincing in pain. "I swear I can't hurt Ellie, no matter what. Yeah I'm fucking hurt but I can't even think about h-hurting her. Believe me!" 

I looked at him in disbelief. He was more stupid than I thought if he was thinking I was going to believe him after everything he did to Ellie.. In fact after knowing, he was in so fucking love with Ellie. I wished I could just kill him but I can't. 

"Shut the fuck up. You should be grateful that you're still in front of me, alive" I said, gripping him by his collar and punching him on his face one last time. Matteo shut his eyes closed and slide down the wall, wincing in pain.

"I don't give a fuck. If I see you around here again or anywhere around Ellie, I will kill you" I muttered calmly, glaring at him. "Stay the fuck away from her" I sneered, meaning every single word.

"Mason please just-"

"I don't care, just leave" I stepped back, adjusting my coat. He looked up at me with hurt, shaking his head. He was trying to catch breathe.

"Diana told me about the threat Ellie got few months ago. I was worried and that's why I got back here to help you in finding that b-bastard" he breathlessly said. I clenched my jaw hard before looking away from him in disbelief.


"I don't need your help anymore Matteo" I muttered looking back down at him. "I used to believe you more than anyone. You always used to meant a lot to me but I didn't- just leave it" I scoffed and pulled out my phone, calling Lucas. 

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