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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

"I'm p-pregnant— but how's it possible? I was in birth control" I whispered to myself still couldn't believing the fact— I was pregnant. I quickly tossed the stick into the closest disposal and turned to faced the mirror, still with shaking hands.

The very first thought that ran through my mind was — Mason deserved to know. He deserved to know that I was carrying his part, his baby. I shut my eyes closed letting the tears ran down my cheeks and clasped my hands over my mouth shaking my head. He wasn't going to like this, He never wanted any babies but— God.

"Ellie? Are you okay?" I heard Amara's voice from the other side of the door. I quickly wiped my tears and took a deep breathe. Calm down Ellie— it's your baby. You should be happy as hell.

"Y-yes I'm okay Amara — give m-me few minutes" I quickly replied. I turned on the faucet before splashing the cold water onto my face, feeling somewhat relaxed. I walked out of the bathroom to meet two girls sitting at the edge of the bed—waiting impatiently to hear the result of my pregnancy test. As soon as their eyes land on me, they stood up from the bed with grinned.

"So.. " Melanie trailed off still unsure "Is it the good news, Ellie Rose?"

I glanced at the impatient excited Amara than turned my eyes back to Melanie— impatient to hear the result. I looked down at my feet swallowing hard before slowly nodding my head causing the two girls to gasped loudly— covering their mouth with their hands with widened eyes.

"Oh my god— REALLY?!" Amara exclaimed, her full lips pulling up into a wide grin as well as Melanie. "Oh my— YOU'RE FUCKING PREGNANT ELLIE ROSE!"

"Congratulations!!" Melanie cried out before pulling me into a gentle hug. I shut my eyes closed— slowly hugging her back. Few drops of tears rolled down my cheeks before a small smile twitching on my lips and I whispered her a quiet 'thank you'.

"Congratulations my bestie!' I'm so fucking happy —oh my god!" Amara grinned pulling me for another hug after Melanie pulled away from me, grinning.

"What the fuck did I just heard?! YOU'RE FUCKING PREGNANT!" Diana cried out running up to me and pulling me into her arms, grinning. I lightly chuckled nodding my head and hugging her back.

"Woah- I can't believed it! My little one— fucking pregnant?!" Antonio grinned walking up to me along with Vincenzo. I softly smiled at them, nodding.

"You two are going to be a fucking uncle and we're— aunties! Oh my god!" Amara covered her face with her hands practically jumping from the excitement causing us to laughed.

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