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I used to try to stop thinking about you, but now my mind embraces you like you’re exactly what I need to survive this life ~

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I used to try to stop thinking about you, but now my mind embraces you like you’re exactly what I need to survive this life ~

Ellie Rose ~

I woke up to the feeling of Mason's strong muscular arm curled around my waist, his heated skin felt warm against my bare back and I sighed in content. His arm was draped around me possesively, as someone could take me away from him in any minute. His face was buried in the crook of my neck and I could felt his hot breathe against my skin.

I couldn't helped but smiled, I missed this so much, waking up  with him like this. I lifted my head and pressed my lips against his softly. I smiled when he began to kissing me back. His hand moved from my waist to the back of my neck so that I can't pulled back from the kiss. He bite and sucked on my bottom lip before pushing his tongue inside my mouth, caressing his tongue with mine causing me to moaned into the kiss.

"M-Mason, bad b-breath-" I tried to pulled back earning a low growled from him as he pulled me back for another kiss.

"Do you think I give a fuck about it?" He muttered placing soft butterfly kisses along my jawline moving down to my neck making me moan. He softly bit down on my skin sucking it wherever his lips reached leaving love bites.

I hope momma doesn't notice them.

My eyes grew shot opened when I glanced at the ringing alarm and the numbers displayed along with it on his bedside table.

8:50 am.

Shit, I've a important meeting with my new case client in 10:30.

The alarm would probably going off soon.

I moaned when he took one of my nipples onto his mouth and sucking it. God it feels so good. He bite and tortured it before switching to another. As good as it feels I've to get home than get ready for the meeting. He licked the valley between my breasts before moving back up to my lips capturing them in a deep passionate kiss.

Before his hand could go between my legs, his phone began to rang but it doesn't seems like he cares. I tangled my fingers into his locks and tugged it breaking the kiss.

"Y-your phone-" I breathe out causing him to rolled his eyes.

"Best way to spoiled the moment" he muttered to himself enough for me to hear causing me to giggles. He sat up taking his phone from the bedside table and holding it up to his ear.

"What the fuck do you want, Amara?" He spat, definitely piss off for interrupting our hot session.

I sighed as he began to spoke in his hot foreign tongue.

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