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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

Flashback ~

"Ellie-" I cut him off by my lips onto his.

Gasp was the first thing that left from every girl here. Matteo's eyes widening as he stared down at me but I was too busy to looking at Mason who's already ready to kill Matteo.

I can gave the guarantee that he's going to broke his teeth from the pressure from how hard he'd cleanched his perfect jaw.

"What the hell?" Sophie scoffed, her eyes slightly widened and her jaw slightly dropped as she watched us. Matteo wrapped his strong arms around my waist pulling me more closer to him taking me by surprised. He bite down on my lip before sliding his tongue inside my mouth exploring. I wrapped my arms around his neck slowly breaking the kiss to breathe. I couldn't even looked into his eyes from how flushed my face was right now.

I glanced at very angry Mason to see his one hand gripping the wooden chair next to him so tightly that his knuckles are almost turning white.

I guess It wasn't a good idea.

"That was.. hot" Matteo smirk, panting. I glanced up at him and blushed.

"I didn't expected that" Amara smirked glancing at the very angry Mobstar storming towards us. Matteo glanced at my lips leaning in and before his lips could touched mine, I was ripped off of his body and into another arms. Taking the cologne I exactly knew the person.

"Fuck off Matteo or I swear I'll fucking kill you right here" Mason threatened looking dead into Matteo's. "Touch her again and you'll sign your death sentence"

"Well you should've thought that before you broke her heart Mason" Matteo replied crossing his arms over his chest. I was surprised how Matteo response Mason because he never talked like that with him before. I glanced up at Mason to see his perfect jaw clenched.

He's definitely going to kill him.

"Mason you can't-" but he interrupted me.

"I'll deal with you later" he sternly said without looking down at me wrapping his strong tattooed arms around me protectively.

He can't be serious?

"No, you've to deal-" but I got cut off by him once again.

"Babygirl You don't want me to bend you over that table and spanked that sassy plump ass of yours in front of everyone here, no?" He whispered huskily down into my ear. I gulped and quickly shook my head looking down because I know he's a man with words.

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