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Ellie Rose~

I was tired of getting threats and warnings. I couldn't sleep all the night after that unknown call, after hearing those words 'I'm coming back for you'. I was stressing so much. I know it wasn't good for me and my baby but I can't help it. I was living in fear. What if that mysterious man try to hurt my baby? if he hurt my mason or anyone? God.

That's when the door of my bedroom got slowly opened and Mason get in. He was working all the night doing online meetings in his office room since he can't leave me alone. I didn't inform him about the call yet. I don't want him to take more stress because of me. He was already always so concerned and worried for me.

"Bella? What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Mason snapped out causing me to slightly flinch. "Do you know the time? and you're still awake?"

"I can't sleep" I mumbled looking down, playing with my fingers.

He let out a sighed then made his way towards me. 

"You're stressing, aren't you babygirl?" he murmured before picking me up from the couch. I wrapped my hands around his neck, biting on my lower lip. "Let me help you"

This man- I swear.

"No-" But I cut off by his lips already moving passionately against mine. That's it I need him right now. He gently put me down on my feet, nibbling on my lower lip as his hands took off my loose t-shirt. My mind was all blank, I was having a urge burning desire to have him inside me, to feel his fingers deep inside me, to fuck me mercilessly. I bite down on his lip and he groan out like he enjoyed it. His hands cupped my ass squeezing it roughly. By now I was wet and hot as hell. He kissed down my neck sucking licking every inch of my skin. 

"Oh fanculo" he growled when I grasp his hardened cock in my hand by his sweatpant and rubbing it against my heated core. My eyes closed as my mouth let out the moans. He roughly captured my lips and grabbed my hands pinning them behind me.

"Fuck bella- I'm trying fucking hard not to lose my control"

I knew he was going to lost his control.

"Who's stopping you?" I smirked, biting on my lip.

"You want me to fuck you hard and rough, right?" he growled squeezing my ass causing me to moan out. "you're my little whore, aren't you?"

He was getting so dominant and rough- God. I love this side of him.

"Yes daddy" I moan kissing his jawline, trying to free my hands.

"Keep yours hands to yourself" he warned, panting. His blue eyes were now darker full of lust and hunger. Before he could slide his fingers inside my short, my phone started to buzz causing to startled a bit and my eyes to grow widened. I immediately broke the kiss turning my attention to the phone kept over the table. My heart was almost stop beating. 

"Mason- s-stop" I moaned putting my hands on his chest as his fingers roughly massage my wet core. His eyebrows knitted together as he pulled out his hands in confused. I was panting as I took a step back and glanced at my phone.

"You're changing a lot Bella, Normally you would let me fuck you anywhere, anytime but here you're keeping your distance from me from yesterday" he said. "I'm sure there's something you're hiding from me. What is it?"

I looked up at him through my lashes and slowly shook my head making him sighed. I was feeling bad for doing this with him but-

I need to tell him about the call.

I bite down on my lip when saw his hard thing poking through his pant. I felt as my cheeks turning immediately pink. He let out a low groan when I pressed my core against his hardened one. His perfect jaw clenched.

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