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E L L I E   R O S E ~

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E L L I E   R O S E ~

Mason just killed a innocent man.

I felt like I'm about to faint anytime now. How could he killed a  innocent man? I couldn't breathe. I already felt two presence behind me and that's Matteo and Antonio. I couldn't believed my eyes as I stared at the lifelesss man with fear. I looked up at Mason and he looks completely frozen in his place. His lips apart and his eyes slightly widened.

"H-How could y-you?" I asked. My voice shaking from fear as he slowly made his way towards me. "You just k-killed a i-innocent man, Mason" I whispered as he comes face to face with me. "I can explain-" but I cut him off.

"No Mason, No one can explain why are you holding a gun, No one can explain why did you killed a innocent man when he's just begging you not to.. No one.. " I whispered the last part. Mason opened his mouth to speak but I held my hand in front of his face. "I can't believe you.. " that's all I said and turned on my heels storming out from his office room but just as I was about to get into the elevator pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist.

"Just listen to me bella, I can explain everything-" Mason said pushing me against the near wall. He was out of breathe as I struggled to get free. "He wasn't innocent! I'd to kill him for a reason!" He said. His voice filled with anger. For a reason?

He's kidding me?

"What do you mean by a reason? Tell me Mason. What's the reason" I asked looking into his eyes. His perfect jaw clenched as he stayed silent for some seconds. "I can't tell you that" he muttered. Seriously?

"Than let me go. When you're ready to tell me everything than just call me" that's all I said and was about to go but he grabbed my arm.

"Bullshit-" he yelled punching the wall beside me causing me to flinched. "I fucking love-" he stopped taking a deep breathe. "Ellie but I just can't tell you every fucking thing now"

I felt tears began to forming in my eyes.

"Why?!" I raised my voice for the first time. I felt anger taking it's place inside me. He still doesn't trust me enough to tell me everything?? Mason run his hands through his hair in frustration. "I just can't, okay? Y-" but I cut him off.

"You don't trust me.. " I whispered. Mason pinched the bridge of his nose. "Dziecko.. I'll tell you everything I promise. But please don't get me wrong baby" he whispered stepping closer to me causing me to immediately step back.

"You know that I'll never hurt you, babygirl" he whispered cupping my face and leaning his forehead against mine. Our lips were only inches away from touching. Soon I couldn't feel the anger anymore as We stayed like this for some moments until I slowly leaned in and just as our lips were about to touched, A voice interrupted us.

"Mason Are you ready?"

I looked up to see a Tall, Gorgeous girl wearing tight red dress standing with arm crossed over her chest. She has long brown hair, Hazel eyes. She's gorgeous. But what's she wants from Mason?

"I'll meet you in my office, sophia" Mason replied looking over at her. Meet her in his office?? She send me a devilish smirked before walking away towards Mason office. My eyebrows come together as I looked back at Mason. I was about to speak but I interrupted by him.

"Do you trust me?" He asked and without thinking anything I slowly nod my head. A smile twitching on his lips as he leaned in to placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"But who is she? And why's-"

"Not now baby, I've to go now so Matteo will drive you back to your home" he says planting a kiss on my lips and just he was about to pull away from me I cupped his face pressing my lips deeply against his. I missed him so much, his lips, his touched, his body against mine, his voice, scent everything. Mason grabbed the back of my neck kissing me back instantly sucking and biting my bottom lip while I tangled my fingers into his silky chocolate hair. He part our lips only for a few seconds for me to breathe before kissing me hard again.

"Fuck" he cursed underneath his breathe. He last time peck my lips before walking away. I watched as he walked inside his office room adjusting his suit and sophia come to closed the door smirking at me. What the hell She's trying to do? I flinched as she shut the door closed.

God knows, what's going on here. Few minutes ago Mason killed a man and now he's in his office room with another girl and he wants me to be calm and trust him. How can I??

"Don't worry, Mason only loves you" Matteo said. I looked up at him smiling. "Trust me, he's so head over heels for you Ellie"

I couldn't helped but Blushed. He loves me?

"Just trust him, he's doing everything for you" Matteo says. For me? Why? Thousands of questions running in my mind.

"I know you can't understand anything right now but you'll get it when the time will come" he lightly chuckled. I don't know what's he talking about.

"Do you know who's that girl with Mason?" I asked quietly causing him to roll eyes.

"Mason's Ex- girlfriend" He Muttered.

Ex girlfriend? I shut my eyes closed as I felt a sharp pain in my chest. If she's his ex than what's she doing with him? Or it could be he still lov- no!

"Woah, don't get him wrong! He doesn't like her at all Ellie, he only loves you and we all know that..  even you too" Matteo said with slightly widened eyes when he glanced at my face "Than what's he doing with her?" I asked feeling hurt.

"Ellie- I can't tell you anything yet" he sighed causing me to roll my eyes. "Why can't anyone tell me anything??" I asked, my eyebrows coming together. Matteo took a deep breathe and opened his mouth to speak but nothing come out. I roll my eyes looking away from him.

"What's her name?" I quietly asked.

"Who doesn't know her, she's the bitch sophia brambilla" He replied sliding his hands inside his suite pant. I couldn't help but giggle hearing him calling her bitch. "Trust me, she's really a bitch" he lightly chuckle.

I felt good and relief talking with Matteo since he's someone you can be really easily comfortable with.

"Anyways let's get you home" Matteo said and I nod my head. I last time glanced back towards Mason's office but Door was closed. What they might be doing inside right now? Making ou- stop Ellie! I've to stop thinking so negative. Mason will never do this. He won't do this with me,

"Let's go" Matteo grabbed my hand leading me inside the elevator.


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