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Ellie Rose-

I slowly open my eyes but immediately shut them again from the obnoxious brightness. My head was pounding hard and my body was hurting as hell.

"Amara, get the curtains, fast" A familiar voice immediately spoke, there was a urgency in that voice. I let out a low groan, moving my head to the other side. The obnoxious brightness was making it almost impossible for me to open my heavy tired eyes.

"Get the water"

"Ellie, baby, it's me"

I slowly opened my eyes to see the man I love with all my heart and soul, the man I knew will find me no matter what, Mason- father of my child. It took me few minutes to adjust with the brightness and blurriness to faded. I slowly sit up still couldn't believing my eyes- Mason was here. It was him. I wasn't dreaming. Tears filled my eyes.

"Mason.. " I whispered, reaching out my shaky hands to cupped his face. He immediately leaned into my touch nodding. Tears were burning his eyes as well with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Yes bella.. it's me" He whispered back before leaning his forehead against mine. I shut my eyes closed softly sobbing. That nightmare was over. I was finally back to my home, to my family. Mason gently cupped my face wiping my tears with his thumb.

"Hey hey, shh.. Everything is alright, I got you baby" he gently smiled before kissing my lips. God, how much I missed those lips, How much I missed this man. I looked into his beautiful dark blue eyes cupping his face. I was afraid I was dreaming, I didn't want to wake up.

"I got you baby and no can take you away from me again" He whispered causing a small smile to tugged on my lips. "God, how much I missed you.. only the God and I knows, how lost and miserable I was without you"

I also wanted to tell him how much I missed him, how I never give up the hope that he'll find me no matter what.

"Every fucking second bella- every fucking second, I was looking for you but couldn't find you.. " He closed his eyes, his voice low and broken. "I was afraid those bastards will hurt you.. and the thought of losing you and my child was killing me"

I let out a low gasped hearing him. How did he find out I was pregnant? I was confusedly staring at him at the same time surprised that he wasn't mad. He slowly opened his eyes gently taking my hand and bought it to his mouth- kissing my each knuckles with smile.

"How did you f-find-"

"Amara told me and after I bought you home, I called doctor because you were terribly hurt and that fucking bastard gave you slow poison. After checking you.. she told me you're pregnant"

"And you aren't mad?" I asked lowly, once again tears filling my eyes along with a smile on my face.

"Are you crazy? Even you just made me the happiest man alive bella" he grinned. "You've no fucking idea how much I love you and our child"

I grinned when he placed his hands on my belly.

"I thought you didn't want child and I was afraid-"

"Yeah I didn't want any but that's until It's been you" he cut me off looking into my eyes. "You should've tell me about it bella. You've no fucking idea how fucking worried and afraid I was about you and my child. They could've hurt you and even they did"

"I'm sorry, I know I should've told you but I was afraid you don't want kids and I didn't got any chance too"

"But god- I found you at the right time. Slow poison was slowly spreading inside you and when I heard this, I felt as my life is meaningless without you.. I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore and-" but I cut him off by pressing my lips against his.

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