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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

Mason filled the car with pure silence. I peeked over at him to his lips pulled into a sexy mischief smirk. His one hand was on my thigh making circles on my skin. He's definitely planning something, dirty. Mason licked his lips and I shut my thighs together closed feeling a hot sensation between them.


Even without doing anything this hot as hell man was making me wet. From his perfect face, sharp stubble jawline to his perfect Muscular sexy body ___ He was all mine. I could see the ink peeking from under his black shirt, Hot. He was looking so hot, I swear.  How badly I want to ripped that shirt off him and trace every inch of his delicious abs with my tongue.

"Mason.. What are you thinking?" I asked, finally breaking the hot silence before I made him fucked me in this car.

"I'm thinking what should I do with you after we get home, tied you up with the bed or cuffed you with the handcuffs so that I can fucked the life out of you" He answered turning his dark blue eyes to me, they were filled with hunger and lust causing me to blushed profusely, Sexy mischief smirk was still playing on his handsome face. A shot shivered down my spine in excitement. I bite down on my lip glancing at his those soft lustrous lips causing him to let out a low growled.

"Bambina, If you kept looking at me like that than I'll have to fucked you right here in the car" he grunted grpping my jaw and pulling my face closer to his.

"You wouldn't mind that, would you?" I smirked.

"You're a fucking tease" he lowly growled and captured my lips in a deep passionate kiss and I immediately kissed him back. He softly bite down on my lip before sliding is tongue inside my mouth exploring. I quickly get off my seat getting into his lap straddling him. He trailed hot kisses along my jawline moving down to my neck making me moan. My hands began to unbuttoned his shirt. He softly bite down on my skin squeezing my ass than sliding his hand inside my dress.

"Mason.. " I moaned when he took off my panty and insert two fingers deeper inside me. His another pushed down my dress straps and bra under my breast, taking one of my nipples in his mouth sucking. By now I was already a moaning mess. His expert fingers were sliding in and out of me in fast and deeper pace. His name slipping off my lips as I released my cum. He pulled out his fingers and bought them to his mouth sucking them off. My chest rosing up and down.

"I love you so much" I whispered breathlessly, he smirked and plant his lips onto mine softly sliding my panty in his pocket.

"I love you even more, bambina" he whispered squeezing my thigh. I smiled leaning my forehead against his, looking into his dark beautiful blue eyes.

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