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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

"You're looking so beautiful, Ellie" Diana smiled before taking a moment to checked me from up to down.

"Thank you, Diana" I kindly smiled at her.

"Don't you think Matteo is actinm different? I mean I don't why but I'm feeling like he's catching feelings for Ellie" Amara said, thinking for a while. My eyes grew slightly widened and I turn around to face her.

"No, We're just close friends, Amara" I answered and diana nodded her head agreeing with me.

"Exactly Amara, Matteo can't even think about it" Diana said crossing her arms over her chest causing Amara to let out a sighed.

"I don't know, I just felt that" Amara shrugged getting off the couch and walking up to me. "Leave it. I was just thinking. It's nothing like that serious" Amara smiled pulling me for a hug.

I forced a smile on my face hugging her back.

But what if Matteo is really catching feelings for me? It can't be  possible, right? We're just close friends and nothing more. He can't catched feelings for me. Mason and Matteo are close best friends, childhood best friends and I can't cause any problem between them.

"Ellie Rose, Are you even listening to me?" Diana shout. I blink out coming back to the reality. I shut my eyes closed taking a deep breathe than opened my eyes back to see Amara staring at me with frowned.

"I'm okay, I'm listening" I murmured, looking away from them. Ellie stop. You're just over thinking. This can't be possible that Matteo will catched feelings for me. Calm down and stop over thinking. Focus on the plan.

"It doesn't seems like 'you're okay' " Amara rolled her eyes.

"You're just over thinking, El. Calm down" Diana said getting off the bed. "It's already 8 pm and Matteo could be here anytime now, Are you ready for your fake date?" Diana asked  mischievously smiling at me.

"Of course, She's ready looking absolutely beautiful, right?" Amara nudged me with smirk causing a small smile to made it's way onto my face.

"Right" I playfully rolled my eyes.

As I last time looked myself at the mirror, the door got opened revealing Matteo in a dark blue suit looking really good. I felt a blush creeped onto my cheeks as his green beautiful eyes checked me from up to down leaving his lips apart.

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