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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

I felt strong arms wrapped around my waist protectively and I opened my eyes to Mason. My eyes grew slightly widened when I realised how close our face were. Our noses are touching and my lips are only inches away from touching his soft plump one.

How did I got on the bed? I was in the couch, right?

I gulped and slowly tried to unwrapped his arms from around me but failed. Instead he pulled me more closer to him and my eyes grew immediately widened when I felt my lips pressed against his.

Knock knock*

"Ellie baby, I'm home!" Mum said from the other side of the door. Mum. Shit. I forgot she was coming back today. I glanced at the door than back at Mason who's sleeping peacefully.

"Ellie? Open the door, sweetie" Mum said knocking on the door causing my eyes to grow widened. Shit. Mason hummed burying his face in my neck.

"Mason.." I whispered trying to wake him up.

If mum see him with me in the same bed than I'm death.

"Are you okay? Ellie??" Mum asked, her voice raising.


After trying hard finally I managed to unwrap his strong arms from around my waist. I quickly got out from the bed adjusting my top and hair.

"C-coming mum!" I replied pulling the blanket over his body.

I quickly walked to the door and slightly opened it, propping my head out to see my beautiful mum standing with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Mum! I missed you so much!" I grinned jumping into her arms causing her to chuckled. I threw my arms around her hugging her tightly. God. I missed her so much.

"I missed you too, sweetie" she replied hugging me back.

"How was your trip, momma" I asked pulling back and quickly closing the door behind me. She glanced at the door with slightly frowned than looked back at me.

"Trip was great but what are you trying to hide in your room, Ellie?" Mum asked narrowing her eyes at me causing me to gulped. Shit. She can't know.

"N-nothing mum"


"Actually my r-room is whole mess and I know h-how much you hate it when I m-messed the room so that's why and nothing else, mum. What will I h-hide from you?" I stuttered forcing a smile on my face as she shoot me a suspicious look.

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