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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

"Mason.. you'll be alright" I whispered kissing his temple while running my hands through his hair. He hadn't woke up yet. All he's doing is murmuring so that 'I don't leave him' in his sleep. He was all sweating. I kept wiping his sweat but it kept coming back again. He isn't stopping sweating and it's making me worried even more.

"Ellie.. don't leave me.. " he murmured, his eyebrows coming together like he's in pain. I bite down on my lip suppressing my sobbing. I can't see him like this.

"I-I'm with you.. Mason" I whispered taking his hand in mine.

"I need you, stay with me.. stay with me" he murmured intertwining our fingers.

"I'm here.. I'm with you" I whispered kissing his temple.

"I'll go wherever you'll go bella, just stay by my side" he spoke, his chest rising up and down. I shut my eyes closed letting tears run down my cheeks. I've already called the girls and others, they're on their way.

"Ellie!" Amara called out from behind. I turned around to see her standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes, she's almost out of breathe as she run up to Mason.

"Mason, I'm here. I'm Amara. Open your eyes brother" Amara spoke running her hands through his hair. Tears running down her cheeks.

"He'll be okay, Amara" I said glancing down at him.

"Yeah he needs to be okay or I'm going to beat his ass down" She whispered pulling me for a hug. I shut my eyes closed hugging her back and nodded my head. He'll be okay. He's going to be okay and he have to be okay for us.

For me.

"Ellie.. I love you.. don't leave me" he murmured shaking his head. I took a deep breathe wiping the tears before leaning my forehead against his. I closed my eyes crying silently.

"He needs you more than anyone right now Ellie, He's having panic attacks because he's so afraid to lose you" Amara spoke wiping her tears. "He's afraid you'll leave him that's why he's having the panic attacks"

I bite down on my lip sobbing quietly.

"Forgive him Ellie, he loves you like crazy and he needs you more than anything and anyone in this world" She whispered rubbing my back smoothly.

I can't, I can't forgive him. At least not so soon.

"I can't, Amara" I whispered wiping the tears and taking a deep breathe. "He hurt me, broke me and I don't know if he's really being honest with me. I can't trust him yet neither I can't forgive him yet" I answered looking down causing her to take a deep breathe.

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