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Mason Williams ~

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Mason Williams ~

She just left.

My bella just left.

I majorly regretted what had I done.

It was dangerous as I was falling for her so fucking badly. I'd to pushed her away to keep her safe. I was so afraid I'll lose her in this dangerous game. I'd pushed her away- fuck. I regretted that. God, I can't take the pain in my chest anymore. She was crying- for god sake. Tears were flowing down her rosy cheeks and I was so fucking helpless. I wished I could take her in my arms and kissed her healing all her pains I'd caused to her.

It just hurts so fucking much.

My jaw cleanched as I glanced at sophia. "Get the fuck out from here before I fucking kill you right here" I said through gritting teeth causing her to roll eyes.

"Meet Lorenzo D'amico in an hour" She spat before walking out from my office. I took a deep breathe and looked down at the necklace written 'My bella' . I shut my eyes closed taking a deep breathe.

I would've done anything for her, anything- even if that means to kill anyone, Although I've already killed for her yet I ended up pushing her away like everyone else. I know she hates me, I've saw the hatred in her eyes. Those beautiful big chocolate eyes that once used to be filled with so much love in them for me. She doesn't want to see my face anymore. Of course she'll  hate me- I'd hurt her so fucking badly. I walked to my desk and sat down on the chair staring at the necklace.

Maybe this was for the best, I acted impulsive on her. She'll be safe if she stay away from me. I felt so empty and lonely again. I covered my face with my hands letting out a sighed.

God, I missed her. I'm missing her so badly. Her big beautiful chocolate eyes, her rosy cheeks, those pink plump lips, those chocolate silky hair, her beautiful smile- god, everything, Her touch, kisses- I missed having her in my arms. Her beautiful melodic giggles, moans.

Stop- Mason.

I needed to stop thinking about her. I've to keep my distance from her in order to keep my bella safe. I know she hates me more than anything right now but it's for good.

"What was that?!" Amara asked, storming into my office. "God Mason, I can't fucking believe you! How could you do this with her?! She fucking loved you and you? You fucking pushed her away, why?!" She yelled storming over to my desk.

"Tell me why?! Because she was too good for you?!" She asked  as I took a deep breathe shaking my head. "I can't believe you! You were so fucking coward-"

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