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Ellie Rose~

"Bella you better listen to me or I swear-" but Mason got cut off by me.

"God Mason I'm okay.. I'm not child okay? I can take care of myself" I groan getting off the bed causing him to rolled his those beautiful blue eyes and before I could start walking Mason grabbed my arm pulling me back down into the bed. I let out a huff looking away from him.

"Of course you're not child baby. you can take care of yourself too but you're pregnant so you need to be extra careful" He gently spoke bringing his hands to my cheek gently caressing my cheek with his thumb. "You're pregnant and you should take rest. If you need anything then i'm here baby"

"I know you're worried and concern about me but trust me I'm okay and always careful Mason" I replied gently cupping his face giving him a small smile as he took a deep breathe. "Soon we're going to start our new life together and i know I'm safe as long as you're with me"

"I'm always with you bella till my last breathe" he spoke kissing my forehead.

I let out a sighed before giving him a reassuring smile, I slightly nodded my head.

"I can't wait to start my life with the love of my life and our baby" he smiled placing his hand over my belly. "And can't wait to get old with you" I chuckled.

I grinned getting into his lap wrapping my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck. He wrapped his strong tattooed arms around my waist as a breathtaking sexy smirk pulled at his lips. "I swear I just get turn on whenever i'm around you, I don't know if it's because i'm pregnant or not"

He gently kiss my lips before letting out a small laugh.

"You can't help it baby because I'm just so sexy" he smirked brushing my hair strands behind my ear causing me to rolled my eyes with smile. Although it's the truth. This man was just breathtaking perfectly sculpted by the God and I still couldn't believed he was mine. From his perfect breathtaking face, jawline to his hot abs body- Holy- This man was mi

Next week was going to be the best week of my life. We've declared our wedding few days ago and everyone were so happy after hearing the news as well as us. Mason couldn't wait any longer to start our new life together, honestly I also can't wait too. Everything was finally getting better and perfect once again. Mom and dad was slowly getting together again. While on the other hand, Antonio and Amara are now together for almost 3 month. We all were surprised when Antonio proposed Amara last week and she immediately said yes.

And they're so cutee together, I swear.

"I love you" I whispered smiling leaning my forehead against his making him smile.

"I love you so much bella.. my bella" He whispered back before glancing down at my lips then gently capturing my lips with his in a passionate kiss.

"Ah I forgot I was about to meet with diana today" I spoke pulling away from the kiss. Mason shrugged crossing his arms over his chest as I got off of him walking towards the closet. "Can you please drive me to Diana's home?" I asked turning back to face him.

"Yeah sure.. I'm not leaving you alone at all bella" he replied getting off the bed making me smile. "I can't believe i'm going to be between girls gossip" he muttered while walking towards the bathroom causing me to chuckled. I walked into my closet quickly changing into my outfit, I wanted to wear something casual so yeah. I left my hair loosely curled then painted light tint on my lips.

"Bella where did you kept my watch?" Mason called out.

"In the drawer" I replied before putting on my shoes and grabbing my bag.

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