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C H A P T E R - 44

Ellie Rose-

I sighed and got up from the bed as my mother sarted to leave my side, starting to get ready for the engagement ball. Today Amara was going to start her life with the love of her life. I was so happy for her. She was finally going to be happy marrying the love of her life.

"You can't be serious El. Amara is your best friend and she'll be so upset if you're not going to her engagement" Mom said while putting on her heels.

"I know Mom but I just don't want-"

"You don't have to worry about kids. Diana and Ryan will look after them in the party" Mom cut me off causing me to let out another sigh.

"I just want to stay at home with the kids" I answered quietly walking towards the door.

"Ellie.. for god sake! enough please. It's been damn 7 years! How long are you going be like this?!" Mom said. Her eyebrows coming together. I stopped.

"He's no more.. He left us and this world 7 years ago. Please forget him baby. Please.. " Mom whispered.

I felt as my heart just broke into million pieces hearing her and before I knew tears filled my eyes.

"Please I can't see you like this. I want my Ellie back. Please.. move on. Mason also wanted to see you and be happy always remember?" Mom said. "He never wanted to see you like this. Sad, quiet, broken"

I know he never wanted to see me like this but I can't help it. I was grateful that I was still alive after losing him 7 years ago. I wanted to die. I don't know how I was still living without him. Those 5 years I spent with his memories only. Only I and the God knows how damn broken I was inside. It was so hard. I couldn't take it anymore but I'd to live. I'd to live for my kids. For him.

"He will never co-"

"He'll come back Mom. I know. He's safe and he's with me always no matter wherever he's"

That's all I said and walked out from the room as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Deep down inside I knew he was okay. He can't leave me. To this world and to everyone Mason Williams was death but to me he was still alive. Safe and okay.

"Mommy Are we going to Amara's Engagement?" My little angel Bella asked running towards me with her cute smile. I couldn't helped but smile kneeling down in front of her meeting her size.

"No baby" I whispered brushing her beautiful chocolate hair behind her ear. She got just like her father hair colour. Even her attitude everything remind me of my Mason everytime I see her.

"Why Mommy. Amara-"

" Mommy! Are we going to Amara's engagement??" Marcullo, my son asked running towards me. His shirt, hands and cheeks were covered with chocolate. A cute grin was playing in his face showing his cute little teeth covered with chocolate too.

"What is this Marcullo? Have you seen yourself?" I asked narrowing my eyes checking him from up to down.

"I was eating chocolate" he sheepishly answered causing me to smile. "Bella stole my chips too mommy"

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