★ Seventeen

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Forgive me if I stumble and fall for I know not how to love too well. I am clumsy and my words do not form as I wish so let me kiss you instead and let my lips paint for you all the pictures that my clumsy heart cannot.
~ Atticus

Track 18; Leave It Unlocked by Christian Blue

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You awoke suddenly from a deep, dark sleep. It felt like you blinked and you were awake, so you had passed out hard.

After session three...and session four. This man had the audacity to wake you in the dead of the night with a boner and you couldn't tell him no. At least you learned that he was a kinky little chicken when it came to his feathers being touched, and he was into feather play.

When you sat up, you saw Hawks standing in front of the mirror in his boxers with his wings expanded—except it was just bones. All of a sudden, one by one each feather reformed his wings, leaving holes in the walls, headboard, and standing wardrobe. The thing is that he projected each feather each round, so everything in his room except you and the bed had been impaled multiple times with a vermillion feather, and you grimaced when you took in the amount of damage.

Hawks was quick to turn around to you and jump on the bed, pinning you back down and he peppered your face with kisses. "Good." He paused to kiss your lips. "Morning."

You giggled softly and sighed happily after, swinging your arms around his neck. "Good morning." There was a moment of silence before the two of you exchanged a lovely morning kiss, and you had to pull away to breathe. "What time is it?"

He paused to look over at the alarm clock, but it was broken. "I don't know."

Your eyes opened widely and you looked up at him. "Yoshio hasn't had breakfast."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Why do you look so panicked?"

You had enough strength to push him off of you and you ran to his wardrobe, opening it to reveal vintage t-shirts. "Wow. I'm borrowing one."

"Go ahead." Hawks mused, laying on his stomach with his chin propped up with his hand.

You found one that said Hawkward and quickly threw it on, closing the wardrobe and searching the bedroom floor for your shorts, finding them hanging from the bathroom door handle. After putting them on, you opened the door to no cat sitting in front of the door.

"Oh no." You murmured.

Hawks found a clean pair of sweats and followed you down the hallway, a smile on his face as he wondered why you looked so worried. It wasn't until he got to his kitchen that it was destroyed. Everything had been swept off the counter, the curtains for the window had been ripped off of the pole—the pole on the floor and curtains now scraps scattered throughout the house. Somehow the stove was on and he watched you race to turn it off. He had no words, and you didn't say anything as you reached into the fridge and opened a new can of wet food, your face pale as a ghost.

He glanced at the clock and noticed it said 11:37 am.

It sounded like an earthquake shook the penthouse when Yoshio came running from the dark shadows of your bedroom projecting a yowl so deep and loud you swore a god was shouting.

Quickly, Hawks used a feather to entice the Maine Coon's anger away from you and him and it worked. You gave Yoshio a little extra wet food this time as an apology, slightly mad at yourself for sleeping in—but it was so worth it. You settled when the cat followed a vermillion feather to his food bowl and took big bites, a loud purr vibrating as his tail swept the floor side to side.

You sighed and turned to Hawks. "Well, since it's almost noon, what should we make for lunch?"

"How about I cook lunch?"

"That sounds like a bad idea, and you'd just make chicken." Your wings dropped slightly.

"I'm a decent cook." He said. "I can make a mean bowl of ramen."

"I don't know if I believe you." You replied, giggling softly.

Suddenly you were swept back against the kitchen counter with his body caging you in and he had that same carnality in his eyes from earlier, his fingers skimming up your thighs. "I can prove it to you."

You blushed heavily and nodded, and he smirked before he lifted you up on the counter, hands spreading your thighs wide and his thick fingers pulled your shorts to the side.

He dropped to his knees and licked his lips.

You squeaked as his warm tongue lapped gently at your folds, seeing Yoshio have the right idea to piss off before your eyes fluttered shut.

Your fingers threaded through his ashy blond locks, and he groaned against your core when you pulled on the strands. His nose barely nudged your clit and your thighs clamped tight on his head, a muffled moan coming from him again. A few vermillion feathers slipped between his head and your thighs and pushed them away, letting the pro hero get a taste of oxygen once again—though he didn't mind the grip that suffocated him. Stars glittered behind your eyes as he sucked on your clit, his tongue flicking it in the process.

He slipped his middle finger into your core, curling up to hit that button and you keened, your hips rolling against his face unconsciously as the coil in your abdomen tightened. You felt something soft brush against the nape of your neck and you barely opened your eyes to see a vermillion feather, another sliding up to the junction below your chin; they met and squeezed, making your heart skip a beat and your mind foggy.

His mouth and his fingers traded places, pinching and rolling your button between his pointer finger and thumb, tongue deep within your folds to have your toes curling. You had enough confidence to snatch a hold on the base of his wing, and he shuddered, his free hand feverishly jerking himself off. You dragged your nails along the muscle to the tip of his wing and you tweaked on the feather.

It only took a few more of his sinful ministrations before you unfolded and he followed shortly after, cupping his hand around the tip of his cock. He placed his member back in his boxers and he rose back to his feet, making a show of sucking his fingers clean and licking his lips. You grabbed his hair and pulled him in for a kiss before you straightened your legs and slipped off of the counter, letting yourself sit on the floor to the side of where the unholiness had taken place.

Hawks hummed a song to himself as he washed his hands with a smile on his face. He wiped his hands off with the hand towel before he perused about the kitchen, gathering the ingredients he needed for ramen.

Once feeling came back into your legs, you rose to your feet and watched him cut up green onions and slice beef over his shoulder. Damn he really did know how to cook.

Soon enough, a bowl of ramen sat hot and steaming in front of you. "Thanks for the meal!" You raised your chopsticks to dig in before you stopped.

"Wait... you only made one bowl. Why?" You looked up at him curiously and he smirked.

"I already ate, baby girl."

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