Twenty Four

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Patience is the best weapon and silence is the best revenge.

Track 25; Stigmata by grandson

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The second your feet hit the ground you were on guard, immediately aware of the three people in the vicinity before the students used Mr. Compress to soften their landing. Your heart was beating so fast that you could feel it sitting at the back of your throat.

"Out of the way, Compress."

The words you heard barely interacted with your brain when you noticed one of the three bystanders step forward. For a second all that you saw was blue. If you weren't so focused on keeping the few students of class 1-A that you had with you, you would've paid more attention to who exactly that was.

Your feet moved before your brain did. You had landed a few feet from the kids and had just enough foresight of the flames to leap in front of them and throw your wings up as a shield. Adrenaline had your limbs shaking as you waited for the searing hot flash of pain to course through you but it never came. Instead it was replaced by a sudden burst of energy.

Something moved in your peripheral though you were too distracted by the fact that your wings were absorbing the fire and transforming it into mana for your passive stockpile ability. Todoroki handled the oncoming assailant thankfully. Midoriya and Shoji were stunned by the fact that you were unharmed by the flames, though there were some minor flames lapping over the arch of your wing and singing your hair and skin.

The fire vanished and you stumbled forward, using one of your wings to regain your balance before you landed on top of Midoriya. Using that wing as an anchor, you planted the ball of one foot firmly in the ground before pivoting to block the flying syringe aimed for Deku. That didn't do much to protect the young boy though when the creepy girl from earlier slipped under your arm and tackled him to the ground. Just as she raised the knife to stab him, Shoji used one of his large arms to slap her off.

She flipped through the air and skidded on her feet until she halted herself, dropping her gaze. "So that's how it is. You want to come between us? To be honest you're not really my type." She tightened her grip on the knife and looked up to Shoji with a dark stare that screamed for blood. "But I'll cut you anyway."

"She's crazy." Shoji said somewhat fretfully. You could tell that he was overwhelmed, though needless to say that you all were feeling that way at this point.

You turned to find where the magician landed, strolling up to speak to the blue-flame wielder that couldn't seem to take his eyes off of you. Unwilling to back down from what could possibly be a challenge, you stared back, unwavering.

Until it hit you.

It was him.

"The police deemed it an electrical fire. At first I believed them until an eye witness reported that the fire was blue."


"I think it may be a quirk user who wields blue flames. Even though All Might's using Musutafu as his stomping grounds, that doesn't seem to have much effect on the criminals around here since that video of the Hero Killer blew up. It wouldn't surprise me if more small-time criminals were motivated by his perspective on society."

Though all of those opposing you weren't easy on the eyes, this guy looked like the walking dead. Now you remembered why you blanked out on his face when he set your mother on fire and destroyed your wings; he was pretty nightmare worthy.

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