Thirty Two

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She wore her scars as her best attire. A stunning dress made of hellfire.
~ Daniel Saint

Track 33; Cloudy Eyes by Unlike Pluto

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Aizawa threw open his classroom door. "Why aren't you in your seats?" You heard the loud chant of apologies and scuffling of shoes on the floor as the students who were still gossiping rushed to their seats. "I know yesterday I said we were going to be training all day, but I figured you could have an hour to meet somebody."

You had your back pressed to the closed door, leaning in slightly to hear what they were going to say.


"Yes, Midoriya?"

"Who are we meeting? Are they a hero? Are they famous? Are they a U.A. alumni?"

"Stop asking me questions about somebody you've already met."

That was your cue to step in, and you pulled the heavy door open after you turned. All eyes were on you in your black hoodie with "Hero Association" written on it, and dark blue Capri leggings with your knee-high boots.

When you turned to face the class, you made eye contact with a few of them before you dropped your hood. One happened to look like an angry Pomeranian and the other was a little boy with purple balls on his head—was he drooling? He hadn't even seen your face yet. You recoiled slightly in disgust and you noticed a girl with a tall ponytail smack the boy on the head with her book. He withered back into his seat.

You cleared your throat. "It's nice to see you all again. If you don't remember me, my name is (Y/N) (L/N) and I went with you all to training camp."

Immediately everybody was asking questions except the Pomeranian. Midoriya was sitting behind him, practically vibrating in his seat. He looked like a rocket that was about to bust it's cap and bounce off the walls. Before he could do so, Aizawa spoke up for you.

"Be quiet."

They were quick to stop yelling and sat back. You felt like you visibly sweat dropped before you threw them a half-assed smile. "I don't really know what to say at this point, this was pretty short-notice for me. So why don't I answer questions? I don't remember all of your names, so please remind me that way I don't have to keep rudely gesturing, thanks."

All hands shot up in the air and you sighed, glancing over your shoulder to see Aizawa already in his sleeping bag. "Wake me up when you're done." You stepped to the side and the grown man rolled underneath the desk where it was dark.

You returned to your original position before scanning the room. You noticed a girl with pink skin and hair and you smiled. "What do you wanna know about little ole me?"

"I'm Mina Ashido. You said you just recently became a hero though you're one of Aizawa's first students. Can you go into a little more detail on that?"

"Sure!" You drummed your fingers against the desk. "When I was still a U.A. student, my mom ran a bar popular with heroes called Treasure Wing. Right after I graduated she passed and I took over which is why it took me until a few weeks ago to become a hero. Sadly somebody burned down my bar in an attempt to take down some pro-heros, but I just got the funding I need to build a new one."

Mina looked satisfied with your answer so you scanned the room again. You couldn't forget Tokoyami. He was training under Keigo, right? He had his hand raised, so you pointed to him. "Tsukuyomi?" Keigo had only mentioned the student once or twice, and you never worked with Keigo at the same time he was working with Tsukuyomi, so you weren't sure if it was actually him.

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