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And the rest is rust and stardust.
~ Vladimir Nabokov

Track 31; help herself by bbno$ & BENEE

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You didn't sleep at all that night; memories haunted your brain like a poltergeist. Unconsciously you found yourself rocking in the corner of your bedroom with your knees to your chest, tears streaming down your face as you choked back sobs. How could he do this to you?

He knew what Dabi did to you and your mother, so why? What was the point? Did he think you weren't going to figure it out eventually?

A sob erupted from your throat and you clapped a hand over your mouth to make yourself quieter. Your cats heard you, of course and Yoshio was the first one to rush over, Momo hot on his heels.

They'd been laying on the bed curled up together when you first bustled into your bedroom but they didn't move when you crawled to the corner to cry.

Why the corner? It's always best to have a breakdown in them and it made you feel safer. Needles to say it was also the furthest point in your room from Keigo. You assumed he hadn't left the living room since you didn't hear him, or maybe he had gone to his room and you were too much of an emotional wreck to hear him.

At the thought of being a wall apart, perhaps him on the other side made you recoil and you shuffled to the opposite corner, wiping the tears from your eyes as Yoshio meowed at you.

When the Maine Coon forced himself into your lap and began purring loudly, you just cried harder. He was always so on spot with your emotions and he was the greatest thing to ever happen to you. The cat could read you like a book and he could figure out what you were feeling before you recognized it. You began petting him and his soft fur slowly soothed you. You extended your legs to give Yoshio more room on your lap when you felt sandpaper on your free hand.

Momo was licking your fingers with all of her might, a soft purr rumbling from her tiny body. It was as if she was copying Yoshio in his ways to comfort you, and god damn did she do a good job. When your skin began to feel raw, you scooped her with your free hand and set her on your chest. She mewed in your face and began licking your nose, pulling back and making a weird face when she tasted your tears. Her front paws began to knead into your chest and the feeling was relaxing. Her tiny claws didn't make it through the shirt you were wearing, but there was a few tiny pricks here and there which helped you feel less numb.

Eventually you stopped crying and Yoshio began grooming Momo who cried in protest and swiped at him. She tucked her legs under her body and settled in loaf-mode on your bosom. You didn't want to get up, she was too cute and had just gotten comfy.

Your phone vibrated under your thigh and you used your free hand to grab it, leaving the other on Yoshio as the cat settled down as well.

My spidey senses are tingling. What's wrong?

How did Present Mic have the audacity to text you at such an ungodly hour of the morning? You didn't question it, you needed this distraction.

How'd you know? Are you stalking me?
Jk. I'd rather not talk about it over the phone.
Are you with Aizawa?

You sent him three individual texts instead of one and he began typing his response, signified by the dots on the bottom of the screen in the messenger bubble.

How DARE you!!
That bad, huh?
Yes, we're at Signa's Grove.

He sent three individual texts of his own and you giggled. Signa's Grove, huh? That wasn't far from here, you could get there in about five minutes. Signa's Grove was a winery with a restaurant and bar open to the public 24 hours a day. You knew that Aizawa would've preferred to go to your bar, if you still had it. Hizashi obviously picked their "date space".

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