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The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin, seemed to have gotten inside him, or into the air round him. She had become a physical necessity.
~ George Orwell

Track 13; Fever Dream by mxmtoon

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The water to your face shocked your body into fully waking up; you hated that it wasn't scalding your skin so you cranked the knob over, giving a sigh of relief when it got to just the right level of heat. When you began going about your usual shower routine, your mind mulled to the events of the other night.

Two days had passed since your steamy make out session with Hawks, and you hadn't caught a glimpse of him since then. Your usual feather friend was there to keep you company while he was away. You had decided to name it Quill since it was your own little microphone into his head and consistently appeared around the house, startling you when you least expected it.

Like last night, for instance; you had braved the kitchen that you were still unfamiliar with to make yourself dinner. You turned to the refrigerator to grab some ingredients when to your surprise, there was a vermillion feather leaning casually against the jug of milk. You'd never vocally admit it to him but the tiny gasp you let out when you saw it was because it caught you off guard, though you were sure he'd picked it up when you remembered how sensitive those damn feathers of his were. You grabbed the ingredients you needed, subtly acting like you didn't notice when Quill tried slipping out of the fridge when you started closing the door. Quickly you slapped it shut, holding back a laugh when it got caught halfway like you expected it to, the top half bristling with anger.

You opened the fridge and caught it before it could escape, rubbing it on your cheek. "That's what you get for wiring me." You cooed lovingly, turning back towards the stove. "Don't worry, I'll make you leftovers for when you get back." When it started wriggling in your grasp you let it go, giggling softly when it brushed against your lips and rested on your shoulder.

After further questioning of Quill last night you learned that Hawks was in fact at work. He wasn't supposed to be home until this evening so you wondered what to do to bide your time as you stepped out of the shower. You dried yourself off with a towel and wrapped it around yourself as best as you could underneath your wings, holding it to your chest with an arm before wandering back into your room to grab an outfit for the day. The first thing you noticed was a note on your bed and a red ribbon tied around the handles to your closet. You couldn't help but wonder what sort of plan that flying chicken had concocted in his brain but you were curious to find out when realistically he was the only person that could've done all of this in the timeframe of your shower.

I couldn't pick a favorite since I'd like to rip them all off of you, but I'll let you decide which one I have to replace first. Choose one and be ready at 19:00.
~ Hawks xoxoxo

You rolled your eyes but couldn't stop the smile that made your face hurt when you looked over the sloppily drawn heart and kissy face emojis. You felt like you got secondhand whiplash from how fast you presumed your budding romance with him was going. Maybe after knowing him for a month and a half just now going on your first date wasn't such short notice. If anything it was prolonged due to the overwhelming circumstances of your life falling apart around you. Perhaps you would've had your first date with Hawks ages ago if that fuckface criminal hadn't burnt down your bar.

You didn't let your mind wander too far when you turned and untied the bow. It came apart with ease before there was a sharp tug. You noticed Yoshio pawing at the ribbon, so you let go only to watch him pick it up in his mouth and bound across the room. Opening the closet doors revealed eight dresses added to your own choice of a wardrobe. You ran your fingers over each one, admiring the materials they were crafted from alongside the master stitch work. In the end you stared at two particular dresses the most. One was a floor-length black halter top dress with an open back for your wings that would barely touch the ground when you wore it; There was a cut in the right side that would expose your leg with each step. The second was a blood red strapless cocktail dress with a deep v-neck that would finish at the top of your rib cage. It left little to the imagination so you decided that you would go with the black dress for tonight and leave the red one for on one occasion.

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