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Some nights the wolf inside of me shrinks to nothing, she bares her teeth and runs away. The dragon in my chest rejects me, she's so tired of being slain. There are nights when the lioness cowers, says she can't fight another day...
What about the phoenix?
She sits with me in the darkness. She whispers: we'll rise. Just you wait.

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100 Moons by Savannah Saturn & Jonmarco
1AM Freestyle by Joji
All I Got by Oliver Tree
BITE by Troye Sivan
Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran
Beautiful With You by Halestorm
Beggin' by Måneskin
Birds by Imagine Dragons & Elisa
brutal by Olivia Rodrigo
Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by Missio
Cloudy Eyes by Unlike Pluto
Conversations in the Dark by John Legend
Cuz I Can by P!NK
Death of a Bachelor by P!ATD
Do You Still Love Me? by Missio
Downtime by JAWNZA
Enemy by Imagine Dragons & JID
Experiment On Me by Halsey
First Person on Earth by Robert DeLong
fever dream by mxmtoon
Forever... (is a long time) by Halsey
Heaven's Gate by Fall Out Boy
help herself by bbno$ & BENEE
Hold by Vera Blue
ilomilo by Billie Eilish
I Want To by Rosenfeld
I am not a woman, I'm a god by Halsey
IWSMWLLY by Kina Grannis & Imaginary Future
If I Killed Someone For You by Alec Benjamin
I'll Be Good by Jaymes Young
Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots
Lady Jesus by UPSAHL
Leave It Unlocked by Christian Blue
Leave The Light On by Zero 9:36
Let Me Down by Oliver Tree
Little Bird by Imogen Heap
Lola by Lilith Czar
Next To Me by Imagine Dragons
Other Side by MIYAVI
Peaches by grandson & K.Flay
Perfectly Untrue by Lucia & The Best Boys
Play Me Like A Violin by Stephen
Polaroid by Imagine Dragons
Pretty Boy by Joji & Lil Yachty
Private Parts by Halestorm & James Michael
Rag Doll by poutyface & K.Flay
Sanctuary by Joji
Seize The Power by YONAKA
Sin Circus by Unlike Pluto
Slamdance by DEAR-GOD
Stigmata by grandson
Streets by Doja Cat (Silhouette Remix)
Stunnin' by Curtis Waters & Harm Franklin
Take You There by H.E.R.
The Muck by K.Flay
The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
temperature by maxime.
Tied Down by Jaymes Young
Trainwreck by Kailee Morgue
Trigger of Love by JAWNY
Wonderland by Natalia Kills
Yoko Ono by Mob Rich
You Get Me So High by The Neighbourhood
Young God by Halsey

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Mature readers
Heavy smut
Heavy angst
Mild blood/gore
animal abuse
Major character death
Implied/referenced rape/non-con
Implied/referenced incest


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