Twenty Five

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Trusting you is my decision. Proving me right is your choice.

Track 26; Nervous by Oliver Riot

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You were so thankful to be home.

Having the comfort of your cat again relieved so much tension that you didn't realize you were carrying. Though the pressure was still paramount thanks to the fact that you returned home after training camp knowing that Bakugo wasn't safe yet. He'd saved you from being skewered by Moonfish yet you were unable to take him back from the hands of the enemies.

Hawks wasn't home. You could really use his comfort right now, but you understood what it meant to be a hero. Especially after what had happened just a few hours ago. You had called him the second you were able to track down your phone, seeing that you had left it back at camp before the test of courage because you figured that you wouldn't need it.

He was relieved to know that you were okay, and he told you he was rushing to get his patrol done as fast as possible so he could be there by your side. Thankfully while you were waiting for his return Aizawa was giving you updates on how the progress with finding Bakugo was going.

You burst into tears the second that you had seen Aizawa after the incident, apologizing profusely for letting them take him. He essentially shook you around and told you that it wasn't your fault, you had done everything in your capabilities to protect his students. He was thankful that you were there since he was sure their injuries would've been much worse if you hadn't been. He informed you that once things had gotten situated again and you were fully ready that training would continue.

The second that you plopped onto the couch, Yoshio was in your lap and purring away. You could tell that he missed you for the few days that you were gone by the way he wouldn't settle down. He was also purring so loudly that his body was shaking; you thought that he may end up internally combusting.

You switched on the television, opening it immediately to the news coverage of Aizawa, Vlad King, and Principal Nezu from U.A. standing at a conference table. You had to look twice at the fact that Aizawa had gotten all cleaned up. You could imagine the battle he put up in order to avoid that, but knew that he went through with it in order to maintain professionalism. If he wasn't a teacher at U.A. you figured that he wouldn't have given a rats ass in the first place seeing that he wasn't one to be in the spotlight to begin with.

Aizawa himself goes on to apologize to the community, students, and their parents for failing to protect the children at the training camp. You put a hand over your mouth and held back your tears, knowing that you had played a hand in how the situation turned out. A journalist asked what measures would be taken to ensure the students' safety when they returned to school. Nezu answered that question by strengthening U.A.'s security systems and re-examining the crime prevention system. As the journalists continued to ask questions and the three men standing behind the table answered them, your mind wandered off to how the public would handle the situation.

You could figure that they weren't taking it lightly. Training the next generation to become heros was one thing, but exposing them to villains—albeit unintentionally—was an entirely different story. You exhale through clenched teeth, attempting to melt the stress away by petting your cat. Your attention was brought back to the television when Aizawa explained to the public why he allowed them to engage in combat. By doing that it prevented the worst possible outcome from occurring—a student dying. Nezu piped in that if it weren't for two of the students defeating the villain that had the gas quirk the outcomes would've been much more severe.

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