★ Twenty Eight

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You never knew the stars had a flavor until you first kissed him. It turns out they taste like ambition and ancient fire, desperation and self-destruction, determination and dark matter and the mind-numbing fear of being left alone again.
(he's not alone anymore)

Track 29; You Get Me So High by The Neighbourhood

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Hawks' large shower was always amazing to bathe in, and he never ran out of hot water unlike the shower in your own personal bedroom. It was nice to be able to shower with somebody else in the morning, and there was a new section of your routine whenever Hawks decided to join you.

It always started with him sneaking up behind you, running his hands up your naked body from your thighs to your shoulders then down your back and massaging the base of your wings and back. In return you'd wash his hair for him, running your fingernails across his scalp and earning a satisfied groan from him each time. It was lots of soft touches and taking care of each other, all until Keigo got that gleam in his eyes.

Wordlessly his fingers found purchase in your hair and he pulled your head back and leaned into your exposed neck. His kisses started lightly underneath your jaw and he made a path down to your collarbones, leaving bruising hickeys and love bites in his wake. Your hands slid across his wet back, reaching for the sensitive feathers closer to the base of his wings and tugged. His body ran cold with goosebumps and you felt him get harder as he pressed against your thigh. Soon enough he was rutting into you, his teeth sinking into your skin as he growled.

You let go of his wings and grabbed him by his hair, pulling his lips to yours in a hungry frenzy. His teeth clashed against yours and he shoved you back against the wall of the shower, the cold tiles making you shiver. He grabbed you by the thighs and lifted you up. His lips met yours again as he sunk you down onto his cock, gasping against his lips with whispers of praise against your bruised lips.

He steadied you on the wall and his nails dug into your legs to make sure he wouldn't drop you. He bit your bottom lip gently before he pulled almost completely out of you. You whined at the feeling of emptiness and dipped your head to his neck. When he pushed in again, you bit his muscle and he hissed in response. His wings extended to help balance himself and he rutted his hips against yours. The sound of skin slapping on skin echoed off the bathroom walls, the hot water and body heat making the mirrors fog.

Your cries of pleasure were music to Hawks ears and he just wanted to hear more and more. It was like he found his favorite song and wanted to listen to it on repeat, the only song he didn't think he could ever get sick of. He balanced your body in one hand, using his own to keep you pressed up against the shower wall. His free hand flicked at your clit and you keened his name. A smirk crossed his face and he abused the bundle of nerves, his pace never wavering as he pushed you over the edge.

"Fuck me until you cum." You panted, nipping on his lower lip as your nails left crescent moons embedded into the skin on his back.

He chuckled and a rush of heat seared your body. "I planned on it." He pulled you off the wall, his arms holding you up as he turned you around. Immediately your hands reached out to grab the shelving in the wall to support yourself. You took a breath to prepare because you just knew he was going to pound you until stars were burned into the back of your eyelids.

You couldn't hold back any sounds as he fucked you mercilessly, praise slipping from his lips as he watched your ass clap back against his hips. "You take my cock so well baby girl." He purred and bent over above you, his teeth sinking into the base of your wing gently. "Who do you belong to?"

"You!" You cried, tears brimming at your eyes. Euphoria licked at your spine, running from your toes to your fingertips as your legs shook.

"What's my name?" He growled, straightening up and slowing his pace.

You whined and unconsciously rutted your hips against his. His palm struck your ass cheek as punishment for not answering him and you yelped, rolling your bottom lip between your teeth. "Hawks."

"It's Keigo." He demanded, increasing his pace again.

"Keigo?" Was that his actual name?

"The neighbors can't hear you." He was reaching his peak, but he wouldn't finish until you did what he asked.

"K-Keigo!" His true name sounded foreign on your lips but you liked it. He pumped his hips twice before he pulled out and came across your back with a guttural moan.

Just the sound of him orgasming made you ready to go another round, but your legs almost gave out on you and he pulled you up to your feet. When you turned around his eyes were full of adoration and relief.

You knew that him running in and out of the Meta Liberation Army was exhausting, though he didn't know that. He was stuck in his own head of not being able to talk to anybody about it, and having sex was one of his only reliefs in life. Coming home to you everyday or night was a blessing in his life, as he never realized how alone he was until you moved in. Not to mention that he had such a strong bond with Yoshio that the pro-hero couldn't see himself living without a cat.

His hand came up to rest on your neck and his thumb brushed over your cheek. "I love you so much stardust."

You leaned your head into his hand and your own came to hold his other, kissing his knuckles. "I love you too, Keigo."

He gave you the softest kiss before he rested his forehead against yours. You sighed softly in content with a gentle smile on your face. Your mind wandered to the fact that you still had to wash out your conditioner and finish your morning routine, but Keigo's voice caught you off guard.

"Marry me."

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