Forty Six

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Nothing has made me sadder than imagining myself not seeing you ever again.
~ P.G.G.

Track 47; Next To Me by Imagine Dragons

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After you danced with your husband he received his fourth boudoir photo.

Instead of his usual wing twitches, he only smirked and tucked it into the chest pocket of his tux with the others. You frowned at that, since you thought the ruffle of his feathers was cute.

A soft movement on your inner thigh made you flinch. You hadn't noticed him even putting it there. It had either been there the entire time and you just hadn't noticed it or you weren't paying enough attention during your dance.

He was dragged off into a conversation with Endeavor shortly after, and you found yourself in a conversation with Mount Lady. The little bit of time you had left would be spent doing such: chatting with others.

After being whirled around the open room by multiple different people, you finally found yourself standing in front of the buffet table. You let out a quiet sigh of relief and started sneakily stuffing your face with snacks when you heard a familiar, obnoxious voice behind you.

"Oh look, you're already waddling."

If you could've turned your head 180 degrees you would have. Instead you craned your head over your shoulder, turning your body to face your harasser shortly after. You swallowed the macaroon in your mouth.

"Says the one who looks like he walks around with a stick up his ass."

You hadn't noticed Shinso's companion when the insomniac eggplant verbally assaulted you at first, but when the electric blond cackled you rolled your eyes.

"We better go find Todoroki to put some ice on that burn, Shinso!"

"Why doesn't he just cook the rest of your trash ass instead?" The purple-haired teen shot back at Kaminari, yanking at the tie around his neck with gritted teeth.

"Trying to find some freedom from your prison suit, Shinso?" You teased, stuffing another macaroon in your mouth. It wasn't one that you liked and you grimaced but swallowed it anyway.

"More like trying to tighten my noose." He muttered under his breath.

You smacked him on the shoulder for that one, noticing that Kaminari was busy fiddling with the cuffs of his sleeves. When Shinso opened his mouth to nag at you for hitting him, you tilted towards the blond with your head. You hadn't heard the song end and another one begin until you noticed Kaminari's flustered actions and a knowing grin crossed your face.

Shinso stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned to face Kaminari, a blank look crossing his face. "What's your deal, battery bitch?"

"Shinso!" You cuffed him across the back of your head. "Knock it off!"

"D-do..." Kaminari stuttered. He cleared his throat and lifted his chin. "Do you wanna dance?" He held his hand out to Shinso.

Shinso's face could immediately take anybody's attention off of Hawk's feathers with how red it was. "I...I don't..." he could feel your gaze burning into his back. "I mean, sure."

Kaminari lit up like a kid in front of a Christmas tree and he grabbed Shinso's hand before the baggy-eyed teen could say anything else. As he dragged his partner into the dance crowd, you found a margarita under your nose.

"Oh." You graciously took the margarita with both hands and looked towards your right to see Midnight and Mirko standing there with smiles on their faces, both holding a margarita of their own.

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