Twenty Six

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Our passion ignites us. Rapture spawns the inferno in which we perish, entwined. From smoldering coals we are formed, from our ashes, we rise. Discovered in the aftermath, our memory, our birth scars; third degree madness. Identical imperfections. Forever branded.
~ Lennon Hodson

Track 27; The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

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After Kamino Ward, a few months flew by like they were seconds. Perhaps that was because you were training almost five days a week with Aizawa and Shinso unless otherwise stated by the Underground Hero. Your body was sore, battered, and bruised by the end of the day thanks to your hand-to-hand sparring practice but you felt like you could take on the world. Autumn was almost over, and winter was rapidly approaching. It was obvious by the colder weather and threats of snow off the shores of Japan. During those freakishly quick months, the day for you to get your provisional license came and went, and you got it.

You sat up the next morning and looked over at your boyfriend sleeping soundly, a slight snore coming from him as he inhaled.

You really hadn't expected Hawks to be the one you were fighting against for your provisional license. You were pretty sure that the pro-hero had suddenly showed up wherever Aizawa was one day and harassed him into saying yes. What most likely happened was Aizawa just wanted the flying chicken to shut the fuck up and leave him alone, so he agreed.

So when you and Shinsou had stepped into the arena, you weren't prepared for vermillion feathers to come flying at you individually.

"Say hello to our willing volunteer, Hawks." Aizawa said from behind you, his voice dripping with annoyance and sarcasm.

"Hey, stardust!" Hawks called as he flew above you and Shinsou.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" You shouted back at him, unable to hold back the smile on your face. Shinsou looked at you with an exhausted expression and rolled his eyes so hard they almost went into the back of his head.

He didn't answer, instead shooting more vermillion feathers at you which you dodged easily, Shinsou doing the same.

"This feels more like a test for you and not me." The purple-haired teen grumbled underneath his breath. Over the past few days he had put in a request for a support item, and he got it within 24 hours. It was a mask that resembled a voice box, the design not surprising for such an emo kid. There was a small crank on the left which allowed Shinsou to adjust the voice box as needed, and he sighed as he rose the mask from his neck and covered his mouth with it, narrowly avoiding more feathers.

Eventually Hawks was perched on a rock across the arena, letting his feathers float around him like a protective tornado.

"Alright, Shinsou." You cracked your neck. "I have a plan." He took a few steps towards you and listened eagerly as you explained. He understood that you had much more knowledge of Hawks' strengths and weaknesses, and you knew his quirk better than him. After you finished, he nodded and pivoted on his heels, finding something to take cover behind.

Thankfully the kid had learned that he was not a hero that was up close with hand to hand combat, though he knew he could if he found himself in that predicament. If anything, he was a support hero much like Aizawa, commonly used for backup in case things went awry. His mind processed the plan as you took off into the air towards Hawks.

Your boyfriend hadn't expected you to come charging so valiantly and it had caught him off guard. He barely managed to process and predict your moves until he saw your support item tail steady in the air behind you. Keigo knew your quirk through your own explanations as you remembered more and more during your training, but he hadn't expected you to sweep up above him and plummet like a meteor with your feet aimed at his head.

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