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You were born with wings.
Why prefer to crawl through life?
~ Rumi

Track 4; Perfectly Untrue by Lucia & The Best Boys
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The bar had been unusually slow for a Friday night. It only happened once in a blue moon, but you were grateful for it since your week had been busy and torturous.

It had also been seven days since you'd last seen Hawks. You didn't think too much of it as four days passed since you'd been flooded with tourists. The weather had been nice and warm which gave you summer vibes but you knew it wouldn't last long since the spring thunderstorms were on their way.

Aizawa had noticed a difference in you before you did: you were always watching the front windows.

You brushed it off as daydreaming when he called you out which wasn't completely a lie but it wasn't the whole truth. That happened on the fifth day. The sixth day was the same as the others; hours on your feet with forced breaks from your regulars. Hawks haunted your dreams and you hoped that they would stop once you finally saw him again.

You were wiping the counter for what seemed like the umpteenth time that night since you had nothing else to do when the door opened and a man wearing a hood slid silently inside. You continued with your work but watched him sink into the corner booth with his back to the wall and his head down out of your peripheral vision.

He was definitely a different persona than what you were used to, but with the tourists that had been bustling in and out of your joint over the last week you didn't let your thoughts wander far. There were some familiar faces in the bar that would have your back if anything went down.

The presumably tourist was bouncing his leg, seemingly impatient. He'd sat there for at least fifteen minutes without doing motioning for you, so you cracked your knuckles behind the bar and approached with your hands behind your back. When he noticed you closing in on his table his leg stilled.

"Did you get stood up?" You questioned innocently as a mild conversation starter.

He clicked his tongue. "No. My meeting was supposed to start when I got here."

"Well since your meeting seems to be delayed, can I get you a drink?"


You nodded. "Of course." You pivoted on your toes and with a gentle push of your wings you were behind the counter.

Something blurred outside your front window and you stopped before stepping out from behind the bar when a familiar blond burst through the door. The commotion caused the few people in your tavern to look over their shoulders to see what all the ruckus was about. When Hawks apologized with a large, innocent smile they turned back to whatever they were doing. You shook your head and continued walking just before he sat down at the corner booth where your edgy customer resided.

When you approached the table and handed the anonymous man his drink, he pushed his payment across the table towards you. You gladly took the cash and pocketed it in your apron to put in the register once you took Hawks' order. You spun to him and gave him a wink. "Anything for you, stranger?"

"A beer sounds good." He flashed you a million dollar smile that made your heart do backflips.

"I'm on it." You returned to your familiar position behind the bar, opening the register and placing the cash in it's respectful place before moving to the glass-front fridge and pulling out a bottle of beer. They had started speaking in hushed voices when you left. After you opened the bottle you dropped it off at the table, acting ignorant to them falling silent when you approached and picking up their conversation again when you departed.

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