★ Forty Seven

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His hands were all over me, dominant masterful hands. They were the intention of leaving his mark on every inch of me. And I never wanted to be possessed completely; until now.
~ N.R. Hart

Track 48; Hold by Vera Blue

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Keigo shimmied the key into the lock of a door, not wasting any time in practically yanking it off of its hinges so he could open it for you. You gave him a confident grin, stepping through the door before pivoting on the balls of your feet and grabbing his tie. Your arousal was slick between your legs when he chuckled, easily giving to the pressure around his neck. The golden artificial light in the hallway had accentuated his features, though as he passed under the door frame into the dark room, his golden-brown eyes flashed as his pupils blew wide.

He kicked the door closed behind him, ignoring the slam as he kissed you. He cupped your chin with his hands, pulling you into a blurry haze of featherlight touches of his lips against your own. His fingers lightly dragged down to your shoulders, making haste of undoing your dress while your own loosened his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. A slight gasp left your lips when he pushed you up onto your toes before you felt a mattress at the back of your knees. You let yourself sit down, shoving his own shirt off of his shoulders as he rubbed at your hips with his thumbs, letting his tongue slide into your mouth.

His kiss made you drunk and left you breathless. You were shaking by the time he pulled away to let you breathe, instead moving his mouth down to your collarbone and taking the thin skin in between his teeth. You moaned softly before your feathers shivered against your will. He forced a soft cry out of you when he teasingly dragged the outline of his boner against your soaking mound, leaving a damp spot on the fabric of his trousers. You let your legs swing up around his hips and returned the friction, causing him to groan softly between clenched teeth.

In that slight second of him showing weakness, you sat up and quickly took a hold of his feathers. His grip on the base of your own wings tightened momentarily, making you shudder under his grip but he softened it since he was unsure if that was out of pleasure or pain. Once again you took advantage of his slight hesitation, forcing him over onto his side before you rolled him over onto his back.

"Oh," he chuckled, his hands settling on your hips as you swung a leg over his torso, letting yourself hover just slightly over his almost painful erection. "So now you're in control, stardust?"

"I figured it would be a nice change of pace." You teased lovingly, placing your hands on either side of his shoulders and kissing him again.

He hummed against your swollen lips, exhaling softly as you nipped on his lower lip. You trailed love bites down his jawline and neck as you let your hips roll against his own. To your delight he groaned thanks to your actions, his hands pushing your hips to guide your movements. You stilled yourself, smirking against his warm skin at the whine he produced. "Not yet, you impatient bird." You nipped at his pectoral muscle. "I'm allowed to taste every inch of you, too, you know."

He didn't get the chance to argue with you when you began a slow and steady pace with the shift of your pelvis. It was unfortunate you had him pinned since you weren't able to fully see how much you were unraveling him. You hadn't even done much but the fact that you had suddenly taken control made him ready to end round one where you were. He was dismayed when you stopped your movements, instead shifting yourself further down where you had access to his belt.

Your fingers slowly undid the buckle as you ran your tongue in the dips of his abs, making haste with his belt. He lifted his hips to help you pull his pants off, sitting up briefly to clash his lips against yours as he removed them and his boxers completely. You placed your hands on his chest to push him back down before backing up slightly to lower your chest down to his thighs.

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