Forty Eight

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Maybe life isn't about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it's about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.
~ Unknown

Track 49; Experiment On Me by Halsey

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The street below you was full of side shops. Tourists and locals alike adore flocking the sidewalks to window shop or wander in and get their hands on something they think is worth buying. More often than not, it was famous for its Knick knacks that foreigners often took home to their families and small privately-owned hobby shops. Unfortunately that meant that it was also a street prone for purse snatchers. You had a bunch of free time to kill while you were on patrol, so you decided to waste some extra time by hanging out for a bit to keep an eye from above. Low key you also just wanted to people-watch because everybody was so busy.

It was the new year; during the times that you were on patrol and not working your bar alongside the staff you had hired, you were pretty bored. Getting married to Keigo meant that you had a lot more things at hand whenever you wanted them. You were able to make your own schedule at the bar, so you had yourself set up for Friday nights and weekends since those were the busiest days of the week, usually. Your husband wasn't home often which would have left you awfully lonesome if it wasn't for Yoshio & Momo. Aizawa was busy with his class and Shinso with classes, so you were essentially on your own for a bit. Thankfully you were able to make up the time by dropping in at your bar when you felt like it or extending patrol for another hour. Somewhere in the late afternoon you were supposed to meet up with some other heroes to make sure that the patrol was interchanged with no issues.

Your mind wandered off to the thought of Aizawa and Hizashi. You hadn't heard much from them besides a few days ago. The insomniac had sent you a text talking about how the Hero Association wanted them to go to Tartarus to visit a member of the League of Villains. You weren't able to figure out how it went due to no answer when you texted him or tried to call, but he sent you a message the next day saying that nothing important came of the visit. You weren't entirely sure how to feel about that but if it had something to do with the fate of humanity then he would've told you, you knew that for a fact.

Your eyes watched a man wander into a small shop before skirting to a woman with her young son wandering into another across the street from him. You'd been out for roughly two hours and had been at this spot for maybe twenty-five minutes or so. You only planned on staying no more than forty-five at most. There's a bright, white streak of light in your peripheral vision. You can feel something barreling in your direction but it's so fast that you can't exactly pinpoint where it is. You abruptly straighten up and take a few steps back, letting your shoulders relax to continue stockpiling while you search the sky. You scold yet thank yourself for blinking when that basic human instinct alone revealed that what was narrowing down on you was a star, 10%.

You jumped up just in time to have it seemingly smash into the rooftop below you. There was heat beneath your feet before an explosion occurred shortly after and sent you flying further into the air. You're thankful for the support item that helped you regain your balance for midair flights, 17%. You only had a second to straighten out and expand your wings to prevent your path of travel away from wherever it was, the wind rushing the bits of hair that escaped your hero outfits hood against the rim of your heart-shaped visors. The wind bit at your skin, but your body felt like it was on fire when there was a flash of black in front of you—21%. A huge palm swipes towards you to smack you out of the sky like a bug. You felt the breath leave your lungs when you collapsed your wings and felt your body begin to plummet.

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