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Tell me: would you kill to save a life?

Track 51; Beautiful With You by Halestorm

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When your eyes fluttered open to reveal a white, sterile ceiling, it surged with anxiety. Were you back in the hospital? You forced yourself to remain calm, letting your eyes roll around to take in your surroundings. You visibly remembered the last time that you woke up in a hospital and you yanked the IV out of your arm. You still had a small scar there from that incident.

Slowly, you lifted your head. There was no way that you would allow yourself to panic again like you had before. Not only had a few months gone by since that last hospital stint, but you'd gone through some intensive therapy and gained some good mindfulness skills. Inko had even said that you were progressing rapidly through treatment compared to some of her other clientele. You went to move your hands to help yourself sit up, but found that one was occupied.

There was your husband, both hands clamped around your left one. His head was resting next to your shoulder, his upper body propped halfway on your bed while the rest of him remained in a visitors chair. His eyes were closed and that's what led you to notice that he was snoozing. You leaned over and kissed the part of his head that you could reach. Twisting in such a way caused your ribs to shift, and a sharp pain shot up your side. You hissed in contempt, moving your free hand to hold the aching body part while you quickly retreated back to your previous position of lying down. Your wings felt cramped and you needed to sit up to relieve the pressure from them.

Thankfully, Keigo is awake in an instant and smothering your face with kisses. The intense affection made you flinch at first because it came as a surprise, but you quickly melted into it with a soft smile and a gentle laugh.

"I'm so glad you're okay." He murmured calmly, brushing some hair behind your ear before running the pad of his thumb down your jawline. He kissed you softly on the lips and gave you a big smile. "Stardust, you kicked ass out there. You wiped that thing out like it was nothing!"

You gave him a blank stare. What was he talking about? "What do you mean? I passed out when I went through the wall."

He tilts his head to the side with an owlish look in his eyes. "You don't remember stomping Nomu's brains out?"


He gave a lighthearted chuckle and smothered you in another kiss, interrupting your train of thought from traveling too far.

"You came out in decent shape besides needing that gash on your forehead stitched up—it'll probably scar. Your femur was fractured and your ribs were shattered, too. You're going to have to rest easy for a while, but they told me that you were free to go after they checked you out once you woke up. That old lady from U.A. stopped by because she watched the fight and was apparently worried—"

"Babe, you're rambling." You placed the back of your free hand against his forehead after sitting up slightly. "Is everything okay? You're not running a fever..."

He took the hand that you held to his forehead and kissed your knuckles, holding that one afterwards. "Yeah, I was just so worried about you, and proud, because you're #17, baby!"

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Keigo took you home later that afternoon after the doctors checked you over and gave you the discharge paperwork with instructions during your recovery. You were excited to go home and see your cats, you missed them dearly after learning that you had passed out and stayed out for two days while your body recovered from your overuse of your quirk. He was able to stay home with you for another day before he had to return to work.

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