★ Thirty Nine

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I cannot remember exactly the first time your soul whispered to mine, but I know you woke it. And it has never slept since.
~ JmStorm

Track 40: Conversations In The Dark, John Legend

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Your heart was beating frantically in your chest as you fought for oxygen, the unparalleled anger gnashing in your stomach soon switching to that burning desire you hadn't felt in what seemed like forever. You pulled away for a second to breathe, though he only gave you maybe half of one before his teeth clashed against yours as he kissed you again.

Your legs were shaking and you felt yourself give out at the knees with a whimper, unsure if you could hold yourself up at this point. Thankfully he felt you slump and his free hand grabbed the underside of your thigh, hiking it up around his waist so you wouldn't fall. That same hand skimmed up your exposed leg, quickly slipping under your shirt and traveling to your lower back.

You flinched with a soft mewl when he caressed the base of your wings, some of the indigo feathers unconsciously twitching at his touch. His hand felt like ice compared to your flaming hot skin and the difference in temperature made you shudder.

He let go of your wrists to straighten up and you immediately found purchase in his hair, yanking his head back to expose his neck. A guttural growl was emitting from the base of his throat, but when your teeth sank into the sensitive skin on his neck he stepped backwards with a snarl. You were expecting him to drop you so you jumped up, tucking your wings flush against your back. If your assumptions were correct—

You were in the bedroom. It astonished you how fast he could move, it always felt as if you had teleported because just a blink would make you skip over everything you passed.

To your surprise, his actions slowed when he laid you gently on the bed. Wordlessly he removed his hero jacket and shirt, stripping to his undergarments. You'd assumed that this was going to be quick so you grabbed the bottom of your own shirt to take it off, but his hands stopped you.

"Please don't." His voice was soft, though his breathing was ragged. You looked up to see his pupils blown wide, irises enclosed with red instead of his soft brown eyes. You felt a pang in your heart—he was losing his sense of humanity but the amount of strength he was holding prevented him from losing control. "Let me."

You nodded, suddenly feeling nervous when he started lifting your shirt. Your hands shot to stop his when your heart pounded so hard it practically hurt. You felt yourself shaking, though it wasn't because you were scared.

You didn't want him to see the scars Dabi left behind.

Though your body was flame resistant due to your quirk, it wasn't completely fireproof. Singed handprints were across the expanse of your stomach and inside of your thighs. You hadn't been naked around Keigo in a long time—the trauma made you lose every ounce of self-confidence you had. It was a constant reminder of your assault and you couldn't even look at yourself in the mirror without feeling that burning sensation over every scar.

Tears were brimming at the corners of your eyes when he spoke up again. "Stardust," his voice was almost unrecognizable with how soft it was. It was barely a whisper and it sent shivers down your spine. "We don't have to do this."

"I-it's okay." You sniffled, using a hand to wipe the tears from your eyes before they spilled out of your tear ducts. "Just go slow...please Keigo."

He stared at you for a moment, searching for a sign in your eyes that said you weren't prepared or comfortable. No matter how much of a Gatling gun your heart was resembling, you knew for a fact that the pro-hero looming above you wasn't going to hurt you. He wasn't Dabi. He didn't wield blue fire. All Keigo has ever done was love you and do his best to keep you safe and away from harm's wrath. There were times he failed, but the times he didn't fail outweighed them and that's all that mattered.

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