Chapter Two: The First Day

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What's cooking, good looking?  



You may proceed.


As we stepped out into the cold, we just stood there. Me, with the wind blowing my hair around and him, with his hands jammed in his pockets.

"So, should I meet you back at my place?" His place? What?

"Um, what do you mean?" 

"You... know, after dates..." He trailed off and smirked. Now I knew what he was insinuating. That was it. I was done.

I gave him one, good, hard slap to the face, and walked off. And I never heard from him since.

Or so I thought.




I slammed my alarm clock down and groaned. First day of school. Yay. Because every 17 year old couldn't wait to just wake up at 6 am, go through a torturous day, only to have to work when you come home! I opened my eyes as Kate jumped on me.

"UP AND AT 'EM!" She yelled, her delirious face with sparkling blue eyes greeted me.

"AHHHH! Jesus, Kate! A simple "rise and shine" won't work for you?" I playfully punched her and she giggled. She jumped off me.

"Come on! First day of school! Be excited!" She giggled once more. God, I wish she had an off button sometimes. We had a sleepover last night, like we do before the first day of school. I brushed tangled hair out of my eyes and pushed back my quilt and stretched. Ah, much better. I began my usual morning process with Kate, getting dressed, brushing teeth and so on. I was dressed in denim shorts, a shirt that said "Music is My Boyfriend" and black converse high tops. (Shirt on the right) I put my hair in a high ponytail, too lazy to do anything else. We then got our backpacks and phones, went to the kitchen and grabbed some breakfast. After we finished, we began our walk to school. Our town was really small, you could literally walk everywhere and anywhere.

 "So, are you excited?" Kay nudged me, eyebrows wiggling. 

 "What's there to be excited for?" I kicked a pebble.

"The first day of school! New books, pencils, the adventure..." She trailed off, waiting for me to catch on.

"You're such a nerd." I told her in flat voice.

"So are you." She stuck her tongue out at me, scrunching up her nose. We laughed.

"Well, you know what they say, birds of the same feather flock together." We giggled and just walked in silence for a little bit.

"I really want a new kid in our grade, don't you?" I turned to Kate. Her cheeks turned pink and she scratched the back of her neck.

"Speaking of that... One my friends from another town is joining our school. He's a guy." She muttered, staring at the ground. Odd, Kate never acts like that. Usually, being the little gossip queen she is, she would have told me earlier. I ignored her strange behavior.

"OMG, is he hot?" My lips twitched upward.

"Yeah, I guess." She mumbled. Even stranger. I decided to change the subject.

"It's so unfair how we only have lunch together!" I groaned and stomped my foot. Kate's mood instantly changed.

"Yeah, I know right?" She rolled her eyes, but the new kid still seemed to bother her. We had always told each other everything, so I figured she would tell me sooner or later.

By this time, we had arrived at the school's gates. Kids were milling about, talking about summer, parties, and getting back to school. I scanned the crowd for an unfamiliar face. Nope, no new kid yet.  

Kate had left my side and was already talking non-stop to our other friends, her usual bubbly self. I sighed, waiting for her to finish.

"'Kay, guys! See you later! Maybe we have some classes together! If we have Eng-" I stopped her mid-way and dragged her behind me.

"Well, someone is in a rush." Kate scolded and pushed open the school doors. Welcome to prison. My mood dropped by 5 notches, which was very low, considering the mood I was already in. I groaned (I was doing an awful lot of it this morning).

"Ugh, do we have to go? Can't we just wait outside?" I rolled my head back, frowning.

"First, you dragged me in! Who the hell just enters hell? Second, I told my friend to meet me at our lockers." Kate and I always had lockers next to each other, because our last names were both William, except I had an "S" at the end. Strange coincidence, right?

"Great, I'm looking forward to meeting him!" I beamed. Kate seemed awkward and oddly silent again.

"Kate, is there something you want to tell me?" I nudged her, and she concentrated on her flip-flops, blushing.

" see...the new kid... my friend... is... well," she stammered. I was exasperated.

"Well, who is this kid?!" I threw my hands up in the air and stopped walking. Kate refused to meet my eyes.


"Hello again, sweetheart."


I'm getting good at this cliffhanger thing!

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