Chapter Thirty-Three: Drama, Jealously and a Motherly Talk.

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Well, that was a good prank I pulled on guys, right? 

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I woke up, sunlight streaming from my window. I blink, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes. Last night, after my little encounter with Alex, I had asked Kate to drive me home, and she did, but not without demanding every detail. After I had told her, she had just sat in silence, until I left the car and entered my house. None of my parents were at home, so I just passed out in exhaustion on my bed. I heard noises from downstairs, so I went to investigate. I crept down the stairs, careful not to step on the creaky floorboards. 

"John! What are we going to do about Cassandra?" I heard my mom ask. 

"Sweetheart, I really don't know. It was your fight, you have to find someway to fix it." My father's response. 

"John. Stop acting like this isn't your battle. She is your daughter too, and you are an equal part of this family." 

I had to bit back a scoff. We hadn't been an actual family since I was 10. 

My mother continued. "Cass needs to stop acting like a child! She must do what's good for our family and-" 

That was it. 

I stepped out from the staircase, revealing my hiding spot. "I need to stop acting like a child? What have I been doing for the last 8 years? Going to the candy shop and throwing temper tantrums? No, I've been raising myself, getting good grades and doing well on the SATs. And I know what's good for our 'family.' Do you?" I rant, already agitated. 

What a great way to start Sunday morning. 

"Cass-" My mother starts. I cut her off. 

"My friend's threw me a surprise birthday party yesterday, Mom. It was wonderful. I asked Kate. She had told you about it. But you were probably at a meeting or conference call, right?" I ask, my voice getting louder and louder. 

"Well, yes, but that's not the point. We-" 

"See?" I throw my hands up in the air. I wipe away a tear that has spilled out my eyes. (Gif on the right ------->) "I stopped acting like a child a long time ago. Have you?" 

Without another word, I race up the stairs and get dressed into shorts and a tank top. I also grabbed a hoodie, my phone and headphones. I just needed some air.

I jogged over to the park and just ran. I ran until beads of sweat dripped down my neck and the only sound I could hear was my blood pounding and my music blasting in my ears. As I neared a bench, I noticed someone was sitting on it. 

It was Alex. 

Out of breath, I plopped down next to him. He was writing on a journal and looked very deep in thought.  He glanced up to see who had sat down next to him. He looked down again, but did a double take, noticing it was me. He snapped his journal shut. I took out my headphones. 

"Hey," I greeted him. 

"Hi." He said back awkwardly. 

"About yesterday-" 

He waved me off. "Forget about it. I was just tired." 

My heart clenched just a little as I remembered what he told me yesterday. 'No. Jared wasn't interrupting anything.' That must mean he wanted the kiss to happen, right?

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