Chapter Twenty-Two: I sound like a person in a cheesy pop song.

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"You guys are idiots, I hope you know that," Kate rolled her eyes as I told her the events of last night. 

 "He's the idiot! Why can't he just let me live out my schoolyard crush in peace?" I cried out, putting my hands on my arms, which rested on the windowsil. It was the morning after the party and Kate and I were at the windows. 

"Because he's trying to help you!" 

I scoffed. "Help? More like destroy, hurt, or break!" 

"You are so stubborn, Cass! Why can't you just let people help you once in a while?" Her gaze softened at me. I could feel tears pricking my eyes. 

"Because... because..." I trailed off. I slammed the window shut and fell on my bed. 

Because of my life. My parents don't care about me. I act like I don't care, but I do. I only have Kate has a friend. No one else. She's the star, I'm the backstage crew. My pride and stubborness is the only thing I can hold onto. Everything else will go. I have no siblings. And then Alex shows up, telling me all this stuff about Ryan, claiming that he's trying to help me!

God, I sound like a person in a cheesy pop song. 

Now I was alone. No Kate, no Alex, no safety to fall back upon. 


After having spend the whole of sunday crying, doing homework, and catching up on assignments, it was the much dreaded Monday. My outfit today consisted of running shorts, an old t-shirt and a hoodie. I had no makeup on and my hair is in a messy ponytail.

I could give two donkeys butts about my appearance. Making the treachrous walk to school alone, I shoved things into my locker and dragged myself to homeroom. I was the first one there. Putting my head down on my desk, I counted the seconds. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7- 

Somebody sat down next to me. Without looking, I knew it was Alex. I had a couple choices. 

A) Beat him up. 

B) Apologize. 

C) Talk things out, then apologize. 

or D) Ignore him. 

As pleasant as A sounded, I would get in a lot of trouble and Alex being much taller than me, would be able to take me on. I apologized last time, it was his turn now. This will not be a girly, heart to heart discussion. So, D it is. I brought my head up and took out my notebook, my attention turning to the teacher. Ryan plopped down next to me. Stupid Ryan. He rolled a note on my desk and I shot him a confused look. He just smiled and looked pointedly at it. I opened it. 

Are you free next friday night? Cause it looks like you and Alex aren't together anymore. 

At any point before last night, I would have sang, jumped on my desk and gotten a pet unicorn if I had gotten this note from Ryan. But, today? I crumbled the note up with a burning rage and scribbled back. 

Is Violet free? 

I chucked it at him and it landed right between his eyebrows. Bullseye. He shot a weird glance, and I simply replied with a flirty grin and a wink. Grinning, he opened the note. As he read it, the color drained from his face. I threw him another note. 

Nice try, pretty boy. 

This time, I snuck a glance at Alex, who quickly looked away. He had read the notes. I couldn't help but notice the slight smirk playing on his lips. 



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