Chapter Ten: Confession

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"Jade Dragon."

"Oh, what a coincidence! Alex and my first date was there!" And only date, I silently added. Trevor gave a me a tight smile.

"What date and time?"

"Next Friday, 6:30."

"So, its settled. I'll see then you then, Cassandra."

"Can't wait. Nice to see you again." And with that I jogged away.

So I have a date. In a week. With my ex-boyfriend. And his REAL girlfriend. And my fake boyfriend.


Taking a deep breath, I spun my combo to my locker. After going home, I hyper-ventilated, called myself stupid about a billion times, came this close to just telling Trevor the truth, but that would mean defeat, and stressing about how to tell Alex. I hadn't even told Kate yet! Now, it was Monday morning, and Kate was sick! Guess it was the shopping gone wrong, but she left me stranded. I knew that Alex would come to my locker.

Grabbing the necessary items, I closed it. Suddenly, someone whispered in my ear, "Boo." Shrieking, I turned around to Alex, laughing his head off. His black hair was still in that messy style and his blue eyes twinkled. I scowled.

"Do you always need to scare me?" I asked once he had calmed down.

"Yes." Sticking my tongue at him, I began to walk.

"So, you never texted me."

"I was busy."

"Yeah, I'm sure." He rolled his eyes.

"Er, Alex," I stopped walking and faced him.

"Can I have a small favor?" I used my index finger and thumb to show how small. A grin lit up his face.

"Is it-"

"It's not dirty." I gave him a blank look. He pouted.

"So, when Kate was trying to set me up, it was because my ex, Trevor had just broken up with me." He nodded, but still looked confused, not knowing where I was taking this. "And yesterday, I met him in the park." Alex's lips made an 'o' but he stayed silent. "And he told me he had a girlfriend, so I maybesortatoldhimajeiwnboywnskd." I said really fast.


"I said, I maybetoldhimyoudniwnsfriend."

"Slow down, Cass!"

Sighing, I just decided to get it over with. "I told him you're my boyfriend." Alex looked surprised. Then devious.

"No...." He grinned.

"And he possibly could have invited us on a double date this Friday at The Jade Dragon."

"Oh, this is fantastic!"


I sat in the same seat as Friday and so did Alex and Ryan. "So, Ryan, did you hear? Me and and my Cassy-poo are a couple now." Alex leaned over to talk to Ryan. What was he doing?

"Alex, can I talk to you outside for a second?" I gave Ryan a tight smile and pulled Alex outside homeroom. We still had about 5 minutes to kill.

"Don't go telling people we're dating! Especially him!" I hissed. Alex blinked his innocent eyes.


"Don't 'but' me. We," I gestured to us, "are not together." A smile lit up his face.

"What about Trevor? Doesn't he think that we're a couple?"

"Yes, but-"

"So why not practice? Start right now! Or are you Ryan will never fall in wuv with you?" Alex pouted and poked my cheek. I whacked his hand away.

"No! Ugh. Fine. I hate you, by the way." Great, just great. We entered the classroom again, and I just wanted to melt into my seat.

"So you two are dating?" Ryan asked, grinning. DON'T GRIN. Look disappointed!

"Yup," Alex popped the p. And the class began, along with my journey to hell.



"I know, I know, I'm an idiot!" I was in Kate's room after school and had told her everything.

"Idiot?! You're brilliant!"

"I know I'm stupid- wait, what?" I looked confused at her in her bed.

"You and Alex, I've been trying to set you guys up..." She trailed off, smirking. I suddenly understood.

"Oh, COME ON, Kate! I don't like him! He's just a friend! Not even that! I like RYAN. Okay, Ryan?!" I ranted, standing up. She put her hands in the air.

"Okay, okay, calm down." But I could still see the trace of the smirk. I decided to change the subject.

"So, are you coming to school tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I think the stomach bug has finally 'buggered off.'

I giggled at her corny joke.


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