Chapter Three: Reunion

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"Great, I'm looking forward to meeting him!" I beamed. Kate seemed awkward and oddly silent again.

"Kate, is there something you want I tell me?" I nudged her, and she concentrated on her flip-flops, blushing.

" see...The new kid... My friend... Is... Well," she stammered. I was exasperated.

"Well, who is this kid?!" I threw my hands up in the air and stopped walking. Kate refused to meet my eyes.


"Hello again, sweetheart."

I froze. I gulped and my mouth was as dry as sandpaper. My heart was on the verge of collapsing. There are no words to explain what I was feeling at the moment. He walked forward, his hands jammed into jeans. He was wearing a v-neck t-shirt. He had his ever present grin, showing off his perfect teeth.

"Missed me?" His crystal blue eyes twinkled with amuse.

"I-I...y-y-you... w-what?" I sputtered. I looked at Kate for help. She was staring at the ground, her face pale as snow. My body began to function again, and I managed to breath.

"So, you're the new kid?" I asked, astounded. Without waiting for his reply, I turned on Kate.

"Care to explain?!" I demanded. Some best friend. She took a deep breath.

"Well, I knew if I told you, you would be in a bad mood, and I didn't want you flipping out, so I didn't tell you, and well yeah." She looked up at me, her blue eyes filled with regret. "Sorry," she mumbled, slightly pouting.

Ugh. Curse my overly nice heart. I pulled her into a bear hug, letting her know it was OK.

"Well, isn't this all nice and cozy? Just like a family reunion!" Alex chuckled. The girls that were around us were whispering excitedly. It was all I could do from ripping out their fake hair extensions. Alex seemed to notice this, and his smirk grew wider and he purposely ran a hand through his hair. Curse him and his delicious dimples.

"Listen, just stay out my way, okay?" I glared at him, and he seemed to take this as an incentive for him to step closer.

"But you're so cute when you get annoyed." He fake pouted.

"And I bet you'll be cute when your manhood is removed." I pouted myself and hide my grin.

"At least I know proper date etiquette." He sneered, instigating me.

"That is not PROPER date etiquette." I hissed. Great, the first day, and already I was pissed. He rolled his eyes.

"Listen, we both have established that you're a jerk, so just stay away from Kate and me, okay?" I snarled, cocking a hip. I shoved past him to my locker and entered my new combo. When I was done I wheeled around, to find Alex's face mere centimeters from mine. I squealed and jumped to the left.

"But Kate is the only one I know!" He retorted, throwing his hands in the air.

"Then make some friends, like every other new kid!" I exclaimed, exasperated, as I shoved past him once again, to deposit my lunch and afternoon books.

"Bu-" Alex started, but Kate intervened.

"It'll only be for a couple of days, and then he'll have some new friends!" Kate tilted her head. I groaned. I would be dead at the end of those days. This... thing was the most repulsive, annoying, egotistical creature to ever walk the Earth. I closed my eyes and took a couple deep breaths. I put on a forced smile and opened my eyes.

"What's your homeroom?"


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