Chapter Forty-Four: Masquerade.

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What was that horrible feeling in my stomach? 

In my heart? 

In my brain? 

I felt light as a feather, as if I could do anything or be anyone. 

And I couldn't wipe that ridiculous grin off of my face. 

Oh, that's right. I was acting like a girl. 

After Alex asked me, we had just sat on the blanket, counting stars, until just before sunrise, when he drove me home and we parted. I had gotten no sleep that in those early hours of the morning, tossing and turning because he asked me. 

He asked me! 

Just the mere thought of it now, on Saturday afternoon, made me want to run through a meadow, with birds singing. 

I had told Kate all about it this morning and she squealed, a twinkle in her eyes. I was getting ready because we were going to go dress shopping. 

For the masquerade. 

Where I was going with Alex. 

Okay, I seriously need to stop this. 


"Omg!" Kate squeaked for the hundredth time. "How about this one?" She pointed to a hot pink dress, glitter and all, sitting in its bedazzled glory on the rack. 

"No," I whined for the billionth time. When we arrived at the mall, Kate had found a dress in about half an hour, with her impeccable taste. But after 2 hours, I was hungry, tired and dress-less. 

"How about-" 

I zoned her out when my eyes landed on it

And by it, I mean the most perfect gown ever in creation. 

Kate followed my gaze and without another word, she plucked it up and rushed to the dressing room, pulling me along with her. 


"Are you sure I don't look weird?" 

"Positive! Stop being stupid and look!" 

We were in the dressing room, where I had the beautiful dress on but refused to look at my reflection. 

What if I looked terrible? 

Then I would just wear a potato sack to the dance! 

Ugh, guys are so lucky. One tux or suit and they're done! 

"Okay, fine," I sighed, and turned around to face the mirror, opening my eyes. 

I gasped. 

The dress was a dusty gold made out of a shimmering tulle. It was strapless and hugged my waist. The skirt fell down in uneven layers, finally settling at my feet. There was a thin diamond belt at my waist, but that was the only embellishment. 

It was so simple, yet so elegant. 

"Girl, you are getting that. Alex will drop dead." 

I sure hope so. 


After a week of barely seeing or talking to Alex, as we all had several big tests before the dance and Christmas break, it was the masquerade! 

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