Chapter Thirty-Two: SURPRISE!

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Well, guys. 

After much thinking, I've decided that I will be ending this story. I only ask that you read until the end of the chapter to find out how it ends. You all have been lovely readers and followers. 


"So, are we going to see the sunset now?" I asked Alex. It was the evening. After we had gotten ice cream, we had talked for a while, walking around. It was beginning to get dark. 

He shrugged. "I wasn't really planning on it, but sure." 

"You were SO planning it." I smirked, gently nudging him with my shoulder. 

He nodded, laughing. We went over to the car and Alex drove back to a different cliff, making me wonder how many times Alex saw the sunrise and sunset, as he knew all the prime spots, and we just sat there, our legs swinging off the edge, watching the vibrant colors fade into dusk. 

I snuck a glance at Alex. The fading glance illuminated his profile, showing me just how was gorgeous he truly was, You could see his clearly defined cheekbones, along his long lashes. His full lips were slightly apart, in awe of the beautiful sky. His hair gently skimmed his forehead, making him effortlessly messy and sexy. 

But he also had this sort of soft glow. That made you just want to look at him. 

I realized something. 

He was beautiful. Inside and out. 

Suddenly, a playful smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth. 

"Are you done checking me out yet?" He turned to me, an eyebrow raised. A blush rushed to my cheeks. 

"I-you-wasn't-ugh." I stuttered, embarrassed and flustered. I laid down on my back, covering my face with my hands. I felt Alex lay down next to me. 

"Don't worry. If I were you, I would TOTALLY be checking me out." He nudged my shoulder. I laughed, taking my hands off my face and turning my head slightly to the right, facing him. He was close. 

Like REALLY close. 

So close, I could see the little flecks of sliver in his cerulean eyes. 

So close, I could see each individual eyelash. 

So close, I could kiss him. 

This thought caused a million other thoughts to rush into my head. There were two possibilities of what would happen if I kissed him right then and there. 

1) He would kiss back, and then tell me he liked me. 


2) He wouldn't kiss back and be disgusted. 

That's the more likely one. 

Either way, I would ruin our delicate friendship. 

So, I wouldn't. 

I turned back to the sky. "We should probably go now," I whispered, barely audible. 

"Yeah," was all I heard in response. I got up off the ground with Alex and we both entered the car in silence. 

"Now where?" I broke the tension. 

"We could go over to my place, watch a movie." He shrugged, already driving. 



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