Chapter Thirteen: Save the Drama for the Llama.

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"Oh, that's so sweet!" Violet gushed. 

"Eh-hem," a freshman behind Violet cleared his throat, "sorry to break up your little party, but I'm starving, so can we get a move on here?" There was a large gap between me and the person in front of me, as I was too absorbed in the conversation to move forward. 

Blushing, I turned around to move forward, but not before I noticed the wink that Violet gave to Alex. 

I never turned back once as I continued up the line, even though I could hear the conversation behind me. 

"So, Alex, what do you do for fun?

"Depends on your definition of fun."

By the time I had reached the food, I was like a kettle about to boil over. I slammed a piece of pizza, a cookie and a bottle of water down on my tray and handed the lunch lady my money, giving her a tight smile. I stormed to our table where Kate was checking something on her phone. 

"Oh, hey-"

"Violet," I growled, sitting down, a scowl on my face. 

"Oh, god. What did she do this time?"

"Oh, Alex, I got a new lipstick, want to try it out?" I put on a exaggeratedly high voice and tossed my hair over my shoulder. 

"Sure," came the response from the devil himself as he sat down, with a smirk.  

I rolled my eyes at him. "So, did you get her number?" I smiled mockingly sweet. 

"Whose?" He pretended to be confused as he bit into his slice of pizza. A lock of his black hair fell over his forehead and I had to the sudden urge to push it back- Wait. What? Did I really just think that?

"Violet's," I growled, hitting him over the head. 

"Ow," he winced, "jeez, what crawled up your butt?" 

"Your flirting with that butt-head!" I hit him again. 

"Stop hitting me!" Alex threw his hands in the air in defense. 

"Stop flirting with Violet!" 

Suddenly, a smug smile came across Alex's pink lips. 

"Sounds to me like somebody's jealous..." he singsonged, shooting Kate a look. She grinned, as if it was an inside joke.


"I am not! Plus, you're my boyfriend, right? I'm your girlfriend? You're not supposed to flirt with other humans of the female gender!" I defended myself, agitated. 

"So, you two are an official couple then," I heard a voice behind me. I turned my upper body to where Ben stood. He had his hands in his jean pockets and his t-shirt fit him snugly. 

I tensed up, remembering the party. 

"What brings you here?" I nervously laughed, glancing at Alex, who was glaring at Ben. 

"I'm sorry." Ben blurted, looking flustered. 


"I had a little too many drinks that night, and the new kid showed me up that day, so I got angry and well, you know the rest," he gushed out, scratching the back of his neck, averting my gaze. 

I stood up. "A little?" I raised an eyebrow. 

"Okay, a lot," he confessed, sighing.

"I forgive you, and I'm also sorry for hitting you upside the head and knocking you out with my shoe." 

He looked taken aback, his dark eyes squinting at me. 

"You knocked me out? With a shoe? Someone your size?" Ben clarified, speaking slowly. He was a good head taller than me, but I was not short.

"Hey! I'm petite, not short!" I stomped my foot indignantly, earning a small chuckle from Ben. This was how things were supposed to be between us. Then, I remembered. 

I stepped forward and leaned towards Ben's right ear. "I'm not the one you should be apologizing too," I started in a low voice, "maybe you should say sorry to the one you beat up?" 

His body vibrated as he laughed and I gave him a small smile as I stood to the side. I glance at Alex, whose gave me a confused look. His eyes asked, what the hell did you tell him? I shook my head slightly at him.

"Hey, man. Sorry for the punches and stuff." Ben told Alex, extending a hand. Alex glared at him for a bit, but then his gaze softened, a small smile tugging at his lips. He took Ben's hand and they embraced each other in that guy-hug thing. 



And that, my dear friends, is how two jerks became friends. 


Hope you enjoyed!

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