Chapter Twenty-Six: Colin and a new mission.

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He sat back down and began swiveling around in the chair, going around and around and around and- 

I gripped the chair, causing him to stop turning. My arms were on either side of him and my face was mere inches from his. A warm blush rose to my cheeks at our proximity. My eyes flew to his lips, looking all full and pink. I could just kiss him right now. 

But I won't. 

Because I'm doing exactly what Alex did for me. 

Stopping me from getting my heart broken. 

I quickly let go of the chair. 

"I was just, uh, getting dizzy. Are you hungry? I'm going to get us some food." I fled out of the room, my face on fire. Talk about AWKWARD. 

Going down the stairs, I noticed Soph playing with some toys. 

"Cass, come play with me!" 

A couple minutes couldn't hurt, right? 


"Where is my food?!" Alex came storming down the stairs. Putting down the doll I was holding, I stood up to face him. 

"Ever hear of a thing called patience? I was having a lovely conversation with your sister, thank you very much." I sneered. Alex ran a hand through his hair. 

"A conversation for half an hour?!" 

I was playing that long? 

"Um, I'll come back later, Soph, got to go," I sprinted to the kitchen. Opening random cupboards, I looked at what ingredients he had. Bingo. Getting out some flour, eggs, baking powder and sugar, I rummaged for a bowl. 

"What are you making?" Alex inquired, sitting down at the counter. 


"You do realize it's like lunchtime, right?" 

"Breakfast is my favorite meal," I shrugged. 

"So, what? You have it for lunch and dinner too?" Finding a bowl, I turned to him, placing it next to the ingreidents. 

"No, but there's never not a perfect time for breakfast." 

"I hope you know that made no sense." He rolled his eyes at me. 

"Whatever," I muttered. 

10 minutes later, I was pouring the batter of the pan, while Alex was devouring pancake after pancake. 

"God, how much do you eat?" I exclaimed as he inhaled his 5th pancake. 

"I'm a growing boy!" 

"Yeah, growing horizontally," I muttered, frying another pancake. At the end, Alex had ate every single pancake. Yup, every single flipping pancake. 

"Now, what am I supposed to eat?" I whined, punching Alex on the arm. 

"Okay, okay. You made me food, so I'll make you food. Sit down." Alex instructed, getting up. 

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