Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Fight, An Introduction, Revenge and Swinging.

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I shoved another handful of popcorn in my mouth as the clock ticked to 5 pm. I should probably start getting ready, but this couch is just so comfy...

Suddenly, the door opened and in came my mother and father.

"Oh, hey guys! I'm going on another date tonight, I'll be home around 10," I informed them, getting off the couch.

"You can't go."

I did a double take, looking at my frowning parents.

"Uh, I think I'm hearing things because you just said I can't go."

Mom nodded. "That's right. We have a very important dinner tonight and you need to come."

"Oh, and Cass, aren't you going on a little too many dates?" Dad crossed his arms.


"First of all, since when did you actually introduce me to your work colleagues? Secondly, they are all fake dates! It's a long story, don't ask." I questioned.

Were my parents high?

"This new client wants to meet the family before trusting us and blah blah blah. So, you're coming whether you like it or not." Mom nodded.

Anger bubbled inside me and I took a deep breath. "Mother," I spat. "I am NOT coming. You can't just not talk to me for the last 7 years then except me to be jumping at the idea of some work dinner!"

"Don't talk to you?! You raised you? You are living under our roof, young lady, and you WILL respect us and our rules!" Mom's voice raised. My dad, sensing the tension, cleared his throat.

"You two sort this out and I'll be in the shower," he exited the room. He was never one for conflict.

"Mom, how old am I?" I calmly asked, moving closer to where she stood, still in her pencil skirt and suit.

"What type of question is that? 16, obviously." She cocked her hip.

"I turned 18 this month," I whispered. "And you didn't even notice. Do you even know when my birthday is, Mom?! I'm graduating soon! Did you know that, huh? I also applied to Princeton, but you don't care, right?!" My voice gradually got louder and louder.

"Your father and I are doing the very best, Cass! I'm sorry we missed your birthday but we are trying to make a better life for you!"

"You want me to have a better life?!" I clenched my fists, furious at the woman who gave birth to me. "How about spending some time with me?! Because it seems to YOUR ONLY DAUGHTER that all you care about is work, work, work!" I exclaimed, pointing a shaking hand at her. She glared at me.

"CASSANDRA ANN WILLIAMS! YOU WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER THAT WAY! Why this sudden change of mood?! You never had any dramatic fights with us before?! WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU?!" Mom yelled, her face turning red.

"I MET NEW PEOPLE, MOTHER. These really amazing people, with loving families, and parents who are there for them!" I vaguely recognized the tears spilling from my eyes.

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