Chapter Twenty-Four: God, you sound like Cher Lloyd.

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What's cooking, good looking?

Alex Waters-------------------------------->


IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOT TO GET DOWN ON FRIDAY. I mentally sang it as I practically sprinted home, with Kate calling after me to wait up. Tonight was the date. Well, just a "couple of friends hanging out" as Trevor called it, but is was SOOOOO a date. Kate and I killed the time before the date by doing our homework and projects. We also studied for the big biology test we had next week. Finally, it was 5. I took a quick shower and got dressed casually in jeans, and a silky black blouse with white designs on it. I put on my black TOMS and straightened my hair. Plan UT (Uncover Trevor) was a go.


Alex pulled up outside my house and honked his horn. After waving goodbye to Kate, I slid in. 

"Ready?" Alex grinned. 

"I was born ready." 

The drive to the park was quick and we pulled up. Trevor and Gwen were waiting by the entrance, talking, but abruptly stopped when we neared. 

"Hey, Trevor, Gwen!" I gushed, over excited. 

"Alex, Cass," Trevor nodded. "I set up a moonlit picnic up on the hill. I still remember it was your dream date, Cass." Trevor winked. I gave him a tight smile. 

"A dream date with someone I actually like, and now I do!" He ignored my rude comment and led the way to the blanket, where various foods were set up. We all sat down and munched on some food. I began my attack. 

"So, Gwen," I smiled, "when did you say you came to Trevor's school?" 

"This year," she grinned at Trevor and leaned her head on his. 

This year my butt. 

"That's interesting," I furrowed my eyebrows. 

"Why?" She cocked her head. 

"Because I was on the Internet the other day, and I found some interesting articles. Gwen Taylor wins 7th grade Spelling Bee. Gwen Taylor helps Rosemount win championship soccer game in 9th grade." 

The color drained from both of their faces. "Well, yeah, in my old town which is also called Rosemount," she stumbled on her words. 

I nodded and pursed my lips. "And Trevor, you didn't know her before she moved?" 


"That's nice to know. It must have been another Trevor and Gwen that won the annual science fair in 3rd grade." I pretended to ponder. 

Kate and I had done our research, and found out that Rosemount was Gwen's hometown and she had always lived here. 

"Sounds to me like you're still single, babe,I gave Trevor a slight smirk. A faint blush spread up his cheeks and Gwen just stood frozen. 

"Uh-um, well, you, I, we, Gwen, oh," he stumbled over his words, giving me the deer in the headlights look. 

"Mm-hm," I nodded, as if I understood what he was trying to say. "I think you mean 'I'm sorry, Cass, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.'" I smiled. 

"UGH!" Gwen exclaimed, getting up. "You owe me the money on Monday, Parks!" She yelled, storming off into the night. I stood up, pulling Alex along with me. 

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