Chapter Nineteen: The Line Between Love and Hate

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Hey guys!!

Alex's POV

"Alex! Come down for breakfast!" My little sister whined. I groaned, smashing my face into my pillow. I bet Cass was having breakfast now. Wait, why are you thinking about Cass? She never felt anything in that wonderful kiss that left me wanting more. I should think about other things. I swung my legs over the side of my bed, and was just about to stand up when my phone beeped. I glanced at it. It was a text from her. 

Alex, I'm sorry about yesterday. No more fake dates, I promise.

What if I wanted REAL dates?

Wait. WHAT DID I JUST THINK?! I was beginning to think like a hormonal, female teenager. Shaking my head at these thoughts, I didn't bother responding to the message, but instead went down stairs. I met Sophia's angry, small figure at the bottom of the stairs. We looked nothing alike. She had my mother's fiery red hair (and temper) and her bright green eyes, that were narrowed at me. 

"What took you so long?" She snapped. 

"I was scared of what type of breakfast you helped Mom with today," I chuckled, ruffling her hair. She pouted and skipped to the kitchen. I followed her, and poured myself a cup of coffee. My mom was flipping pancakes on the stove, clad in her robe and slippers. 

"Good morning, Alex," She gave me a tired smile. 

"I don't see whats so good about this morning," I grumbled, staring at the brown liquid in my cup. Cass was the reason it wasn't good. After the kiss last night... 

"Who is she?" I looked up to see my mother raising a eyebrow, cocking her hip, spatula in hand. 

"She who?" 

"The girl that made your life a living hell." 

"She didn't make my life a living hell!" I protested. 

"Sure..." Mom turned back to the stove. 

"We make each other's lives a living hell! We hate each other!" I tried to defend myself. 

"There's a very fine life between love and hate," my sister piped in. 

"When did you become so smart for a girl your age?" I frowned at her. As I ate my pancakes,  Cassandra was the only thing I could think about. And as I drained my last sip of coffee, I came to a startling conclusion. 

I liked Cassandra Williams. 

And she wanted nothing to do with me. 



I think this will probably the only chapter I write through Alex's POV...

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