Chapter Seven: Fights and Hugs

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His grip on me tightened and he shoved me behind him. There was nothing I could do.

"I said: Let. Her. Go." Alex repeated, his handsome features growing dark and blue eyes smoldering.

"She's mine now, ya see, so too late." Ben grinned in his intoxicated state.

"Last chance." Alex whispered. Him whispering sent shivers down my back.

"Beat it."

Without another word, Alex punched him in the jaw. I gasped and my heart clenched. Ben swung one back at him, hitting him right in the stomach, despite his amount of drinks. I winced as I saw Alex stumble backwards, falling on his butt. I had to do something! Ben hit him in the jaw, causing Alex to hit the ground and moan in pain. Ben raised his hand for the final blow.

"I said, she's mine."

But before he could do anything, I took off my pump and threw it at him, acting on impulse. Luckily, the heel didn't hit him but the area where the ball of my foot would go did right on the back of his head and he fell to the ground. Wow. I have a good throwing arm. With adrenaline still rushing through me, I ran over to Alex (retrieving my shoe).

"Oh my god! Are you okay?!"

"Peachy keen..." He muttered, blood dripping from his nose. His crystal blue eyes were dim and his face was all bruised up. Think, Cass!

"Okay, um, one sec." I told him.

I went over to unconscious Ben and dragged him over to the lawn. He'll wake up eventually. I then went back over to Alex and helped him up, him leaning on me. We hobbled back over to his car and I slid him in the passengers seat. I couldn't take him into his house due to the amount of people, so I guess I would just have to go home. Luckily, I had already got my license. so I was able to drive. I then helped Alex into my house. We hobbled over to the kitchen. On the fridge was a note, "Went to Grandma's house. Be back in morning. Love, mom and dad." Currently, my grandmother was feeling extremely lonely and was constantly calling my parents over. 

I didn't really mind. I got the house all to myself. Okay, um, what should do I now? I helped him onto the counter. Wait. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Two guys fought over me?! Alex protected me?! Okay, where's the guy saying, "and that's what happens in 'The Twilight Zone.'" Taking a deep breath, I got out the first aid kit. Alex had been eerily silent throughout the whole ordeal. Taking out a wipe, I began to clean some blood. Deep breaths, Cass. Deep breaths.

"So, um...." I awkwardly cleared my throat. Alex managed a weak smile.

"Some party, huh?" I smiled.

"Thank you." I put the wipe down. Alex was perched on the counter, me situated between his legs. My heart began to speed up and butterflies were in my stomach. What was going on?! We both leaned in, but then reality hit me. I hurriedly stepped back.

"Uh, er, just finishing cleaning yourself up and I'll be right back." I muttered, racing to the hall closet. Grabbing some blankets, I headed back, shaking my head. I handed them to him, my hands shaking, and I refused to meet his gaze.

"Guest room is up the stairs, first one on the right." I told him, my voice cracking.

I glanced up at him and his eyes softened.

"You okay?"

I began to nod yes, but it quickly turned to a no and I broke down, bawling my eyes out. Alex pulled me into a hug.

"Cass...." He trailed off, just rubbing my back comfortingly. I sobbed into his shirt. Eventually, I ran out and stood up properly.

"Honestly, he probably would have," I shuddered, "taken me if you hadn't shown up." Alex smiled, his dimples showing.

"Go and get some sleep, cupcake."


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