Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Shoulder to Cry On

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The bell rang, signaling the end of 9th period. I raced to my locker, eager to get home after the long day. After I had finished, I grabbed Kate's hand and pulled her along with me to the entrance of school. As we began our journey back home, somebody called after us. 

"Cass! Kate! Wait up!" The all too familiar voice yelled. I stopped walking around, not turning around. Alex jogged to us, huffing and slightly of out breath. "There you guys are!" He began walking with us. 

"Why are you coming home with us?" I questioned, turning to him. Kate was silent, listening to our conversation. 

"Because we still need to work on our report about the presidents!" Alex smirked at me. A dark lock of hair fell onto his forehead skimming his eyes and I fought the urge to reach out and tuck it back into place. But, alas, I gave into the temptation, and stood up on my tippy-toes to fix the stray piece of hair. Right after I finished tucking back it into place, I looked into Alex's eyes, which were staring at me intensely. Suddenly, it felt as though time stayed still. We just stayed like that, my fingers gently brushing his forehead, his eyes glued to mine. That was until, Kate's voice brought us out our trance.

"Guys! Get a room!" Kate called out to us from where she standing, a good 5 feet ahead. That made us snap back to reality. 

"H-Hahahah," I awkwardly stuttered, taking a step back from Alex, a blush crawling onto my cheeks. I jogged up to Kate, Alex right behind me. Kate just smirked at Alex and I. I scratched the back of my neck, my blush becoming redder. After some more small talk, we arrived home and Kate shot me one last wink as she entered her house. I unlocked the door to my house and entered, Alex following. I threw my bag on the ground and noticed a note by the hall closet. 

More meetings, staying late at work. 

Order food for dinner. 

Love, Mom and Dad. 

Why was I not surprised? They ALWAYS did this! Sighing, I crumbled the paper and threw it to the ground. 

"What was that?" Alex questioned, following me to the family where I went to sit on the couch. 

"Nothing," I muttered, putting my head into my hands. 

So, you know that person that is always telling you their feelings and is always calm because they do that?

That's not me. 

I never tell people what I'm feeling, I just slap on a smile and call it a day. But that means that all those emotions get stored away, and they build up overtime. Eventually, something sends me over the edge, and I explode, either in rage or sadness. Kate as always been there for me when I had a mental breakdown and she knows how I function. Like for example, when I exploded over Alex trying to help me. 

"It must have been something for you to act so glum. Now tell me," Alex persisted, taking a seat next too me. 

"It's fine," I warned, feeling my emotions bubbling at the surface. My voice hardened. 

"It's not, I can tell. Come on, you can tell me! Oh, and by the way, where are your parents?" He protested once more, adding that dreaded question. 

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