Chapter Thirty: A Lesson in Funology.

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WHAT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... (well, at least, I have)


Tap. Tap. 

Something was hitting my window and woke up from my sleep. Probably just a branch, I thought, turning over and trying to get back to La-La land. Instead the tapping noise continued and I swear I could hear someone singing Katy Perry's Last Friday Night. Frowning, I dragged myself out of bed to the window. Opening it, I almost fell out when I saw Alex, standing on my yard,  belting his heart out. 

"Alex?" I harshly whispered, still half asleep. 

"Ah, the fair maiden awakens. Juliet, my love, " he went down in a deep bow. 

"What the hell are you doing here? At 5 in the morning?" I hissed.  

"Waking you up to spend our fun day together in which I'm your servant." He explained, as if I was stupid. 

I sighed. "Go to the front door." 

Grumbling to myself, I headed downstairs and unlocked the front door, through which Alex stepped into. "Come on, let's go to your room," he grabbed my arm and pulled me upstairs. 

Wasn't this my house? 

A moment later, I was situated on my bed, rubbing the last amounts of sleep out of my eyes, while Alex was snooping through all myself. 

"I'm going to get dressed, what type of clothes should I  wear?" I asked, Alex, who was at my desk, leafing through papers. 

"Dress like you." He stated, not even looking up. Rolling my eyes at this vague description, I grabbed my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a sweater, and my bra and undies. I headed to the bathroom to shower and hung the clothes up on the door. After a couple moments of the warm water hitting my body, I heard a creak and popped my head out. 



He cheekily winked, smirking. Without another word, he grabbed my clothes and headed out the door again. 

I was going to kill him. 


No response. Muttering swear words under my breath, I quickly finished up my shower and wrapped my towel around my body. Stepping out of the bathroom, I glared at Alex, who was lying on my bed. 

"Alex! Where my clothes?" I frowned. He sat up, taking in my half-naked appearance. "And stop being such a pervert!" I hissed, fidgeting uncomfortably under his gaze. 

He thrust out my garments and I snatched them up. Storming back to the bathroom, I shut the door, but not before I heard Alex. 

"The towel suits you, babe."


"Make me breakfast," I demanded, sitting at the counter top. For some reason, my parents weren't in their rooms and they haven't made a move to contact me with their whereabouts. 

And I really couldn't care less. 

Alex leaned forward on the counter top, making his face about 5 inches away from mine. 

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