Chapter Twenty-Three: All Right

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 So, you guys know when I said that I would only write that one chapter through Alex's POV? 

I lied. 


Alex's POV

It was after school on Monday and I was headed to the store. My mom wanted some things that she needed me to pick up. Today in school, Cass had turned down Ryan thankfully! As I headed to the dairy aisle, I glanced at the list. Milk, yogurt, cheese, cereal- My reading was interrupted as I bumped into someone. I started to say sorry, but then I realized who it was. Trevor. 

"It's you," I scowled. 

"It's you," he glared back. "How are you and Cass?" 

"Fine, thank you." NOT. "How are you and whats-her-name?" 

"Gwen," he growled, "and we're fine. I was wondering if you wanted to come to the park with us this Friday night. Not really a date, just two couples hanging out." 

I gave him a tight smile. "Sure, we would love too. See you then." I pushed past him. 

Cass was going to send me to the depths of hell.


Cass's POV

Tuesday morning. I got dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a tanktop and a cardigan. The weather had began to get chilly and you couldn't go out without a light jacket. Still not talking to Alex or Kate, I headed to school and homeroom. Sitting in my seat, I got out Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secerts.

"Cass, I need to talk to you," Alex sat down and turned to me. I ignored him and kept reading. "It's important!" He insisted. I kept reading."It's about Trevor!" 

I raised an eyebrow at him, finally getting my attention. "What about him? Are you just trying to help me again?" I used air quotes. He rolled his eyes. 

"We can talk about that later, but we have another date." 


"Another date?" I harshly whispered, my book completely abandoned. 

Alex nodded, a couple pieces of his hair brisking his blue eyes. "The park, friday night. He says its not a date, but he implied it." 

"Are you up for the challenge, boyfriend?" 

"Only if you are, girlfriend." He grinned and I knew things would be all right. 


As I slid into my seat at lunch, I glanced around the room for Kate. She was waiting in the line for the lunch. I got up and ran over to her. 

"Kate! Kate! I'm really sorry about what happened, but there's this big problem and I really need your help, and I'm really sorry, so please, please, talk to me, and-" I was cut off with her throwing her arms around my neck. 

"You only had to say sorry, you moron," she laughed, peeling herself from me. I grinned. 

"Yay! But, I have another date with Trevor. Gwen's not real, I heard them overtalking. So, what should I do?" I clasped my hands together. Kate grinned michievously. 

"Come to my house after school, and we'll make Trevor the unluckiest man alive." 


NOT EDITED!  Sorry its short, I just got over the writer's block! 

After school and the date will be in the next chapter! I promise! 

Love you! 

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